llewej irol (icarianbird) wrote,
llewej irol

From Twitter 05-27-2010

  • 06:50:31: I dread going to the funeral today. I hate funerals. :( (@ Lori's House) http://4sq.com/al32w1
  • 06:52:41: I seriously need to consider this St. Louis trip. I don't want to go alone, but, then again, I do. Don't want to share my time w/ others.
  • 10:54:34: Having lunch with Stephen to decompress. (@ Smoke House BBQ) http://4sq.com/b1lCPe
  • 12:43:37: Had a nice talk w/ Stephen. (@ Lori's House) http://4sq.com/al32w1
  • 13:40:30: RT @FakeAPStylebook Subprime - Optimus Prime's underwater mode.
  • 13:41:19: RT @JadinRecks RT @FakeAPStylebook: Imperial units should only be used when measuring general levels of rebel scum.
  • 13:44:52: I miss Chris. His gamertag got a 24-hr ban for an inappropriate motto. Silly little boy. He should know better than that.
  • 19:38:33: @hoojoe Good. It probably needs it.
  • 23:05:02: Keeps trying to run the dvr with the 360 controller. Does not work, btw.

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