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Back from a trip...

Well... I just got back from a field trip with APPLE about 10 minutes ago. It wasn't too bad, but it wasn't the most fun either. *sigh* We did get back a *LOT* earlier than I thought we would. I figured it be about 9 o'clock before we got back but it was about 8:15-ish. No big deal.

I'm ready for Friday... goin' home. Well... not 'home' in the where I live sense. 'Home' as in out of Batesville and to Jan's house. Stephen and I are going to spend some quality time together there. He ran an errand for me... brought a suitcase for my little brother... so i get to... do a few nice errands for him. *smiles devilishly* I don't mind though, because when he came up here, i kissed him once on the lips and my body just told me to keep kissin'. Oh my god... i miss his lips so much. They're a bit rough, as they always are in the summer, but i get such a peaceful feeling when i kiss him. I miss him so much... *sigh*

Stephen's online now so i'm gonna go so that I can talk to him...


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