llewej irol (icarianbird) wrote,
llewej irol

From Twitter 06-22-2010

  • 05:55:53: RT @wilw Cat: Ima lick u chin! Me:...why? Cat: I like ur beard! Me: Aww, that's- Cat: NOW I CHOMP YOU HA HA HA. http://tl.gd/21uj5j
  • 05:58:46: Looking at Dragonball: Evolution. I don't understand why these characters would be Anglo-Saxon. It's a Japanese manga.
  • 06:41:26: James Marsters & Chow Yun Fat are full of win!
  • 06:43:07: I will admit that since I never was a fan of the anime this movie isn't half bad.
  • 08:29:29: I feel very much like a vampire right now because the sunlight is giving me headaches.
  • 08:30:09: I also want to be writing right now, but don't know if that will work. My muses seemed to have disappeared. :(
  • 08:38:21: Currently on repeat: Porn Star Dancing by My Darkest Days & Zakk Wylde.
  • 09:22:56: @hoojoe No clue. I just couldn't remember Caucasian until much later when I was updating FB.
  • 09:27:32: NEW ENTRY; http://icarianbird.livejournal.com/290032.html

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