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(Taken from an email that i sent Kris...)

I told you i'd let you know how everything went...

the funeral was nice. i got to see a lot of my family. too bad it was such a sad occation. i think the hardest part was seeing my dad, uncles, and aunts cry so hard. I know it was their mother, but we don't see that everyday. Especially my Aunt Brenda. She's the oldest and it was so hard to watch her cry. She never cries... well... except for her son's wedding but that was different. when we walked past the coffin with my grandmother in it all i could do was cry. i had been doing it ever since we got there though so i didn't think much of it. my aunt was the last to pass and she just cried so hard... it was heartbreaking.
my grandmother is buried in a nice spot next to my grandfather. my aunt brenda had picked out a fast growing tree when my grandpa died about 19 yrs ago and planted it by his grave... its really tall now... quite nice. And its close to my house. i can go back there whenever i want to and leave her flowers or whatever.
i'm trying to keep from crying right now, but it just so hard when i think about it. she looked so peaceful and she had been sick for a pretty long while, but i didn't think she would die so soon... she was only 74 and i think one of her older siblings is still alive. but as i said... she had been sick.

email me back if i don't get to talk to you tonight...


basically this was how the day went for me today... Hopefully tomorrow will be better. APPLE is almost over and i'm ready to get home and rest. I'm physically and emotionally drained as of now...

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