llewej irol (icarianbird) wrote,
llewej irol

Day 8 - X-posted from my IJ

Ship Meme.

Wasn't able to get to this before bed this morning because I HAD to get a nap before my dentist appointment. Great thing is that he says my teeth are good as is. Only problem I have is that the three wisdom teeth I have left are impacted and, more likely than not, could be contributing to my TMJ issues. I'm going to see a TMJ specialist on the 17th in order to get the ball rolling on that. Dr. Brown, the most pleasant and awesome dentist ever, said that my TMJ case is fairly severe and he definitely suggests that I go and see this guy. I'm not looking forward to the bills, but I am looking forward to being pain free by this time next year. That's the goal and, hopefully, my headaches will be gone for sure. ^_^

Good day today. Good day gonna happen tomorrow with Michelle and John's 2nd wedding. Two more work days before my trip to St. Louis (which I'm still ungodly nervous about). Excitement and adventure all rolling my way this month. Add to that Matt's birthday (because I ALWAYS remember) and my parent's 30th anniversary (woowoo) and we're gonna be quite busy.


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