llewej irol (icarianbird) wrote,
llewej irol

From Twitter 08-25-2010

  • 01:42:12: It's funny how the addicts on Intervention always blame their problems on others.
  • 01:42:52: RT @StephenAtHome Iran may have a new weapon, but there's a bright side: they have to acknowledge Israel exists before they can attack it.
  • 01:44:23: RT @michaelianblack LB, I'm with you! We're like Earthlings and Klingon joining forces to defeat The Borg. An Irish, pompadored Borg.
  • 01:45:04: RT @WillRHolden Nothing against Coco, but LB, has the power of Captain Planet, the Enterprise, and a freakin' (Reading) Rainbow!
  • 14:29:47: RT @StephenAtHome my two emmys are getting along so well, i think one of them might be pregnant
  • 14:30:24: RT @RealNichelle Star Trek Theme is now slightly ahead for Nov shuttle wake-up call. Keep voting & http://tl.gd/3b3has
  • 20:07:30: @RealNichelle - I dunno. The Final Countdown would be good too. Maybe they should play that just before launch?

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