llewej irol (icarianbird) wrote,
llewej irol

From Twitter 09-06-2010

  • 03:13:12: Finally asked him in a round-about way if he cares for me as much as I care for him. I feel a negative outcome.
  • 08:57:03: "I do like you" "That's not really specific. I like broccoli but I won't date it." "I like you I want to date you" He still makes me happy.
  • 08:58:12: "Why is it funny that I like u?" "Its new to me for a girl to like me this much" "Uncomfortable?" "No" #thingswetxtabout
  • 09:39:01: Star Trek: The Motion Picture is probably one of my favorite films. In fact, that entire film series fills me with glee. #myhappythoughts
  • 09:42:08: I tweet because it let's me feel like I'm talking to someone who really cares about what I'm talking about. #imjustweirdlikethat
  • 10:31:34: The Running Man is an awesome Arnold movie. #SchwarzeneggerFTW
  • 10:52:36: I keep thinking about Chris and smiling. I don't regret telling him that I love him.
  • 11:00:47: This movie is so great because of the awesome 80's costumes & casting. #therunningman
  • 11:09:28: Dynamo looks like he's covered in litebrite pegs. #therunningman
  • 13:12:36: Relationship Stuff http://j.mp/dfscVz
  • 15:18:49: @demismydrug - technically there are only 8 planets now.
  • 21:44:43: I keep wanting to end our conversations with "I love you" bit I'm afraid to do so. #cowardly
  • 21:45:18: #hoarders makes me want to clean my room every time.

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