llewej irol (icarianbird) wrote,
llewej irol

From Twitter 09-18-2010

  • 01:50:51: @JadinRecks - Do you pity the fool as well?
  • 01:51:58: @JadinRecks, I just can't resist a random Mr. T reference. Ever.
  • 01:53:43: My boyfriend is going to St. Louis Comic-Con. I secretly hate him for this. #love #boyfriendfail
  • 02:36:08: I hate the updated fb app. I can't get it to reload the page when I get a new comment. What good is that?! #fail
  • 02:40:31: The PlayStation's "Move" wand looks like a vibrator. #fail
  • 03:36:44: RT @RealMattLucas: Not only is the Pope having mass, apparently he's also having volume, force, area and pressure.
  • 03:37:26: RT @thesulk: Terminator sequels are just dialogue from the first Terminator in different order.
  • 19:25:41: RT @alyankovic: Perhaps it’s time to retire from the song parody biz – I can’t compete with this Southwest Airlines flight attendant!
  • 19:26:27: RT @wilw: Dear everyone talking on cell phones in airports: please use your inside voice. Signed, everyone else.
  • 19:26:35: RT @wilw: 60 year-old man wearing a ton of Justin Bieber gear: creepiest thing, or creepiest thing EVER?
  • 19:26:57: RT @BestWorstAdvice: What's the most effective way to get a girl's panties wet? Hit her with water balloons.
  • 19:27:55: @Ryan_Clayton - Give a good shout of "Get up, X!" for me!
  • 19:28:58: At #work. Waiting for drunk txts from my boyfriend about all the booth babes at the con. #boyfriendfail
  • 19:48:07: Ok so when it's in a sterile cup, it's a "specimen," but when I blow my nose, it's trash. #work
  • 20:13:55: RT @DalaiLama: Mayor Gabor Demsky of Budapest confers Honorary Citizenship upon HHDL on September 18th, 2010. http://twitpic.com/2psrcb
  • 20:55:29: @JadinRecks - w00t!
  • 21:23:58: I thoroughly blame @JadinRecks for all the bad karma this weekend.
  • 21:28:22: RT @alyankovic: Keep it classy, Associated Press. http://yfrog.com/03mgkj
  • 23:26:32: @Ryan_Clayton - Those look like new pants.

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