llewej irol (icarianbird) wrote,
llewej irol

From Twitter 10-17-2010

  • 00:08:25: I lack any motivation right now. I need something to distract me. Thinking about finding a martial arts class during the week.
  • 01:53:01: Thanks to my bubby, @JadinRecks, and @Gaosalad for support. I #love you, guys. I'd thank Dale, but he doesn't have a twitter. :)
  • 01:55:19: Lee's Karate felt right. Going to get info from them this week. Left them info to call me. #smartladyissmart #lazyladyislazy #sadladyissad
  • 02:06:16: @Gaosalad-Me & my friends are JEM GIRLS! JEM! Jem is my name! Truly outrageous, that's a Jem girl! Glamour, fashion, & fame!#myhappythoughts
  • 03:07:38: @Gaosalad - with the pikachu beside your tweet it is just adorable.
  • 03:12:16: Just went through the $0.69 songs on iTunes. I bought a handful of them last week. :( Could have gotten them cheaper this week. #fail
  • 08:54:28: @xkaliber_1 - yeah it is. Info on the website looks good so far.
  • 16:01:01: RT @Lord_Voldemort7: #unheardcelebbooks "How to write a successful novel for adults" -Stephenie Meyer
  • 16:01:59: RT @Lord_Voldemort7: Hannah Montana sings you're "One in a million". World population is 7 billion, so there are 7000 just like you. Sti ...
  • 20:45:23: RT @BestWorstAdvice: What new diet has all the celebs looking thin and trim? Apples and meth.

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