llewej irol (icarianbird) wrote,
llewej irol

From Twitter 10-19-2010

  • 00:45:33: RT @Ryan_Clayton: I now have Netflix on my PS3, Wii, and iPhone. All is right with the world. Hulu Plus, you're next.
  • 01:51:38: RT @ActuallyNPH: What's the deal with popeater.com's Rob Shuter just making up stories? First I'm quitting the biz, now another? It's ma ...
  • 08:09:38: RT @DalaiLama: Only the inner protection of patience can keep us from experiencing the turmoil of negative thoughts and emotions.
  • 12:57:11: RT @BestWorstAdvice: Want people to know that you're a mover and shaker? Wear turquoise jewelry.
  • 12:57:24: RT @spacecowboy: i like rap music and cheeseburgers
  • 13:53:57: Steak 'N Shake with @Gaosalad!!
  • 14:10:18: Vanocolate and Strawnilla!!
  • 18:44:52: RT @Lord_Voldemort7: Can't help but notice Swift's song 'Mean' isn't an empowering medley about overcoming a bully, it's Taylor insultin ...
  • 21:34:04: RT @BestWorstAdvice: Are you one of those "I just don't sleep with any man" type of girls? That's probably why you're still single.
  • 21:35:11: @Gaosalad - PRETTY! Thanks again, kiddo.

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