llewej irol (icarianbird) wrote,
llewej irol

From Twitter 10-31-2010

  • 02:17:47: @Lord_Voldemort7 - You vendetta against stupidity in all forms makes my nights so much better.
  • 02:19:13: RT @wilw: The Search for Spock in my pants. #moviesinmypants
  • 02:19:19: RT @wilw: That Thing You Do in my pants! #moviesinmypants
  • 02:41:47: Just got asked out by a 17 year old. Flattering and depressing at the same time. #fail
  • 02:42:35: RT @Leedzie: Quoth @orangeshirtguy in #MarioMarathon 2: "An Italian accent is just an Indian accent with more pizazz." Words to live by.
  • 02:43:13: RT @Shay_JR: "Demi Lovato has been diagnosed with Asthma" #prayfordemi are you kidding me, I've had asthma for years.... move on. Try #p ...
  • 02:46:47: I don't think anyone will understand just how much I miss Chris. #love #fml #thinking
  • 02:47:33: RT @Adri_Mane: Twitter makes me like strangers I've never met and Facebook makes me hate people I know in real life.
  • 02:48:02: RT @ericthefall: halloween - an excuse for girls to prance around in their slutty underwear and for guys to be creepier than usual.
  • 03:03:01: I'm probably driving to Ohio for my vacation. Why? Because I need a distraction and as much distance as possible from work.
  • 03:17:44: Deep down inside somewhere I think I'm hopeful I'll get laid while I'm there...? Maybe.
  • 07:04:14: @JadinRecks - I... Need... To... Get... Laid.
  • 08:34:46: Creepiest thing ever? Wretches crawling on the ceiling in Gears 2 horde mode. #gearsofwar
  • 09:31:24: RT @choafhoffman: I like to stop the microwave with 1 second to go. Makes me feel like a bomb defusal expert.
  • 10:00:25: I'm mopey and sad on my favorite holiday. :( #fml I need to get over him.
  • 10:34:35: When I get upset, the first thing I do is eat. #fml
  • 19:22:46: @Gaosalad - lol. At least it keeps you from pigging out.

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