llewej irol (icarianbird) wrote,
llewej irol

From Twitter 11-04-2010

  • 04:44:04: "I don't want a ring. I just wanna fuck." - @Gaosalad, Fable III.
  • 04:46:16: RT @StephenAtHome: My condolences to the supporters of California 's Prop 19. If only you had a way to soothe your sorrows.
  • 04:54:48: Got him on a bit of a leash. It's fun though I'm starting to get hounded about him wanting to date me. Way too young for me. #tease
  • 07:04:02: Also, going to Ohio Friday sometime. Gotta get my shit together!!!!
  • 17:17:59: RT @MoTancharoen: RT @MrMattRobinson As a child I imagined that quicksand would have been a more common obstacle in my adult life than i ...
  • 18:01:31: Karate tonight!
  • 18:02:37: @Gaosalad - I used to have that rug!
  • 18:03:08: @Gaosalad - You should have centered it instead.

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