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Well, well, well... Its Sunday and I woke up at 2:15. Lovely. I'll never be able to go to class tomorrow because of it. *sigh* I've been up all weekend chatting. I've got a couple new friends thought because of it. ^_^ Des and Lupus ... Des and a FF freak like me and Lupus is well... he's just awesome. Friday night I had them fightin' over me cause they're both Leos and I'm a Sagittarius. *laughs* We all had a grand ole time OOC-in in a RP chat room. About 5 in the am some people started coming in tellin' us to go away and quit OOC-in. I just laughed and told them we had been in there all night and we pretty much had free reign to do whatever we want because of that fact. Then some guy called me a newbie and i got pissed off. I take being called a newbie as an insult because I've been playing for 5 years. If 5 years makes me a newbie, what does it make the 2 yr players that call me one?? *sigh* I hate idiots...

I rp-ed with Lupus last night. It was pretty fun even if it was for only an hour or so. We para-ed so it took forever and we only got about 15 or 20 minutes rp-time done in that hour. I hate it when that happens. Maybe I should revert back to the 1-line rooms and play in there. You get so much more done, plus I can see my font. *shrugs* I enjoy para rp though. Its just a lot more fun to read.


[Edit: Oh yeah. I just wanted to let anyone who might happen to read my journal know that I officially opened my community, dragonclawlake, for play yesterday. There's an IC post there right now for those who wish to read and join. PLEASE, PLEASE... SOMEBODY JOIN!!]

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