llewej irol (icarianbird) wrote,
llewej irol

From Twitter 12-05-2010

  • 12:56:01: @xkaliber_1 - Today I AM as old as you. I still get the pleasure of watching you fall apart first, old man.
  • 12:59:49: @xkaliber_1 @hoojoe - you know that stuff only fills you up for an hour.
  • 13:01:04: RT @DalaiLama: I think that ethical behavior is another feature of the kind of inner discipline that leads to a happier existence.
  • 21:48:01: RT @FunnelFiasco: Comcast user? Having problems connecting to the Internet? Use Google's DNS servers: or OpenDNS ...
  • 21:49:08: RT @wilw: Cat: IMA JUMP IN UR LAP! Me: D'awwww, hi kitty! Cat: LOL MAH BUTT'S IN UR FACE NOW! Me: I fall for this every goddamn time.

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