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Every got a comment from someone on something that just really pisses you off??

+---------------------------------------- -
| At Tue Sep 16 07:16:26 2003
| Anonymous <youra$$@dot.com>
| ()
| IP#:
| Referring to: jewell.html
| "These.. are stories? I wonder...what kind of loser, has the
| time to have this much time. You s hould be a book-seller,
| then again... it is crappy. I mean.. it only has one theme,
| and it is boring, dull,bland, and monotoned. Very ...
| boring, first three chapters were alright, but.. then
| again.. I was wrong. Hopefully your descriptive skills
| improve Miss"

What this hell is wrong with this guy? 11 comments to 1 say that my stories are great... granted I do have that little HTML problem that I'm still trying to fix and I haven't revised in quite some time even though I need to. -sigh- If anybody feels like doing something to the IP just don't mention my name. -smiles evilly-

"what kind of loser, has the time to have this much time." -- I do. And actually I don't have that much time anymore. Those were stories I wrote over a summer and Christmas.

"it only has one theme, and it is boring, dull,bland, and monotoned." -- Um duh... I mention that they all go together. How hard is that? Maybe if you'll read the writer's intro to the page you'd understand. But I'm sure that's just too hard for you because you can't even handle good grammar and punctuation.
BTW... would you call this "dull,bland, and monotoned."? --

"Stopping for a moment, he rests and listens while standing as still as a deer. Clouds began to roll across the moon and a clap of thunder rings through the forest. A mysterious rain begins to fall lightly and a slender hand removes the hood to show the pale face of a young woman, not a man." -- Part 1 of 4 of the broken "The Theif & The Soldier."

"...first three chapters were alright,..." -- At least he give credit where credit is due. -sighs- I make it quite clear that the stories are broken up because of the HTML. The first three 'chapters' he talks about are all the same story.

Somebody let me know that I'm not crazy and this guy's just an idiot... Tell me how you've felt when idiots leave comments somewhere that they shouldn't have to begin with.


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