llewej irol (icarianbird) wrote,
llewej irol

From Twitter 01-13-2011

  • 06:49:27: RT @wilw: Pet Store Guy: Drew Carey is better than Bob Barker. Me: [Horrified gasp.] Both: [Awkward silence.] Guy: Have a nice night. Me ...
  • 19:11:37: @wilw - If I remember what I read correctly, the "new" sign doesn't apply to those born before 2011. ( @alyssapapineau )
  • 21:26:24: RT @Sexstrology: The new sign, Serpentarius (#Ophiuchus), only affected those born from 2009 onwards. If you were born before, your sign ...
  • 22:40:44: @sfosterphil - you're still a Scorpio because you were born before 2009.
  • 22:42:01: No one is paying attention. YOUR SIGN DOES NOT CHANGE IF YOU WERE BORN BEFORE 2009. #newastrology
  • 23:07:43: I spent 45 minutes practicing martial arts. 1,085 calories burned. #LoseIt

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