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Bored Tonight... but with hopes for her new car

I've got class in the morning andI'm pretty bored tonight. I had a pretty long nap today or I'd prolly be in bed right now... but of course... I'm not.

On a good note though... My dad called me at lunch today and told me that he got me a new car! YAY! Its a '90 Chevy Corsica. Don't know what color. Don't know what it looks like. Don't care. As long as it drives good and doesn't break down like the Tempo, I'm completely and utterly happy! -goes and looks up the car on yahoo- Hmm... There's a cop-car-corsica. Awesome. They're not too bad. I figured they wouldn't be too pretty because of the early year. But its much better than my Tempo. I CAN'T WAIT TO ADD SOME DRAGONS!! I've got some fuzzy dragon dice that I'm going to base my designs for the car off of. Now all I need are... seat covers, stearing wheel cover, and a few other things. The floorboard rugs... etc. Black and Silver. Maybe different colors if the car doesn't go with black. I hope its either Black or White. Maybe grey... Blue would be best. Red's okay. -frowns as she sees a pic of the interior- Bah... Tis okay. I'll fix it all up. ^_^ I can't wait.


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