llewej irol (icarianbird) wrote,
llewej irol

From Twitter 02-06-2011

  • 00:05:55: RT @Sexstrology: #Sagittarius can be hypocrites.
  • 00:06:15: RT @wilw: Dog: Why won't kitty play tug of war with me? Me: Because your rope weighs more than he does. Dog: I has a sad. Me: Sorry. It' ...
  • 00:06:24: RT @Jonathan_Frakes: Diet tip: If you fatten up everyone else around you, then you look thinner!
  • 00:07:45: @RealNichelle - I always just cheer for the offense. That way I always have the ball!
  • 03:04:50: I'm almost to a point in my life that makes me understand just why people do drugs. I wish my stresses would ease up.
  • 17:58:22: RT @ActuallyNPH: Very, very excited for the Super Bowl!! I have no allegiance to either team, so... GO PITTSBAY STEECKERS!!
  • 20:04:47: RT @feliciaday: My entire Tweet stream is filled with the Superbowl, or people being snarky about hating the Superbowl. I think I'll go ...
  • 20:04:54: RT @wilw: I'd like football a whole lot more if the players all wore capes.
  • 20:05:39: RT @Sexstrology: #Sagittarius will offer you a helping hand and expect no returning favor.
  • 20:07:22: RT @swierczy: Ingredients for the perfect Super Bowl Party: 1.) Pour some lager into a mug. 2.) Dump snacks in a large bowl. 3.) Put on ...
  • 20:08:43: @ChurchKdogg - when you gonna be on for more Gears?

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