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I've been quite busy here lately... Catchin' up on classes bites.

I tried to go home this weekend, but my dad had some sort of huge hissy fit and I left. I stayed at Stephen'c because I didn't want to go home and I didn't want to go back to school. I was kinda stuck. But it was a lovely weekend after that. Too bad I didn't get to stay home though. I miss my baby brother. I miss him more than anyone. Its hard to be away from him because we were together most of the summer and had a grand ole time. I miss playin' video games with him... -sigh-

Anyway. I'm busy... I didn't stay at home. I didn't get any h/w done. I miss my baby brother... that's my weekend in a nutshell. -smiles-

Oh... I joined another x-men RP. next_phase is an awesome RP. Only downside is that you have to use cannon's and its hard to find a good cannon woman who's not taken already. I chose Polaris as my cannon and I've decided that I really like her. You can find my new Polaris/Lorna Dane journal for Greatest Journal's Next_Phase at Greatest Journal (b/c there's no codes needed and its EXACTLY like LJ), user name MagneticEnergy. The layout I've made up is AWESOME!!!


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