llewej irol (icarianbird) wrote,
llewej irol

From Twitter 03-14-2011

  • 01:18:15: RT @wilw: To the "Japan had it coming because OMG Pearl Harbor" crowd that's crawled out of the sewer: Go fuck yourselves, you ignorant ...
  • 06:50:47: RT @MarkWaid: AT&T To Customers: Drop Dead http://tinyurl.com/66e8a2u
  • 06:51:15: RT @SethMacFarlane: Good thing Scott Walker's not governor of Oz, 'cause the Lollipop Guild would be fucked.
  • 08:14:38: "BatDad knows no fear! BatDad knows no pain!" #southpark
  • 17:43:54: RT @wilw: My son and his girlfriend are currently having a lightsaber battle using apps on their Android phones. I'm such a proud geekda ...
  • 17:45:20: Apparently me doing my job pisses other people off. Sorry I take pride in what I do & report mistakes when I have to but I won't quit that.
  • 23:02:58: RT @WilliamShatner: Facebook disabled my account this weekend as an imposter acct. Now they want me to prove that it's me. Don't they kn ...
  • 23:03:50: RT @Hatura: Seriously just seen a commercial for local news..."Snake dies of silicone poisoning from biting a women's breast implants" WTF
  • 23:04:21: RT @kmcgivney: true fact! RT @johnroderick: Just as there are no atheists in foxholes, there are no "gangstas" at IKEA.

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