llewej irol (icarianbird) wrote,
llewej irol

From Twitter 03-25-2011

  • 01:34:45: @ShaniGuedes4337 TROLL!
  • 02:34:37: @ourladyofashes - I'm looking at reopening my game with some big changes. Are you still interested?
  • 06:38:15: Batman: The Movie (Adam West, Burt Ward) is so damn funny. I don't even have enough room in my tweets to give all the funny quotes!
  • 06:55:19: WTF is up with all these Beiber weirdos following me? BLOCKED! Also, if you follow me and have nothing, but links: BLOCKED!
  • 12:56:43: @ourladyofashes - still working on that. Lol.
  • 17:00:13: RT @wilw: I can't believe I am on a list with @NathanFillion, Ian McShane, Bruce Campbell and ... just ... wow. Mind=blown http://is.gd/ ...
  • 17:00:24: RT @GeorgeTakei: Big shout out to @GwenStefani for her $1 mil for Japan via @savethechildren. http://ow.ly/4mCoF Pls RT & give props!
  • 17:00:35: RT @Lord_Voldemort7: Dear Oxford English Dictionary, Since you seem to now feel abbreviations are words I have one for your consideratio ...
  • 17:00:44: RT @wilw: No, his first name ain't 'Baby.' It's Wesley ... Cadet Crusher if you're nasty.
  • 21:30:51: RT @GeorgeTakei: Baseball steps up! Need to also acknowledge Ichiro Suzuki of Mariners--over $1mil for quake relief. #SportsSuperStars

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