llewej irol (icarianbird) wrote,
llewej irol

From Twitter 04-04-2011

  • 02:18:35: RT @KariByron: Read: kids have sensitivity to bitterness= hate veggies. Experiment: cooked with some apple juice. Success!
  • 08:04:27: Have to go get the dog. Dad's having his procedure done today. She doesn't like being alone in the middle of a storm.
  • 16:59:54: RT @GeorgeTakei: Wow: Softbank CEO gives $120 mil to Tsunami victims; Softbank gives free mobile phones to tsunami orphans http://ow.ly/ ...
  • 17:01:21: @wilw - I assume you don't use Facebook because of their shitty privacy standards and shady ToS changes?
  • 17:01:25: RT @KariByron: Skipped rocks with my daughter for an hour. Best morning ever.
  • 17:04:51: RT @FakeAPStylebook: Avoid the archaic term "lunatic." Specify whether the subject suffers from Hulkamania or Macho Madness. #GreatestHits

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