llewej irol (icarianbird) wrote,
llewej irol

From Twitter 04-11-2011

  • 01:35:35: I'm alone on the second to last night of my vacation w/ no plans for tomorrow and still no wireless. I may finish this. http://t.co/r2o17sy
  • 01:46:24: Half a bottle of tequila is probably the last (or maybe best) present I'll ever get from my ex. I wish I wasn't hung up on him. Fuckin loser
  • 01:47:38: Maybe if I get myself drunk I can tell him off.
  • 03:09:25: If all nuns are married to the lord, does that make him a polygamist?
  • 03:11:50: @hoojoe - actually no. I'm watching The Oblongs.
  • 03:44:31: I have a headache. Don't know if it's the tequila or just general neck strain from these pillows.
  • 09:09:41: RT @newman_justin40: 15 Fun Facts About Mario & Friends http://bit.ly/eegzlv #mariomarathon
  • 09:42:35: @FunnelFiasco - At least it's getting done today?
  • 09:47:25: My neck hurts. Bleh.
  • 13:55:17: RT @JadinRecks: If you haven't, I suggest looking at my website: http://iamwj.com Especially if you need some design work done, contact ...
  • 15:30:13: I hate you, TMJ.
  • 16:02:00: Oh caffeine. Thank you for relieving part of my headache. A warm shower will relieve the neck tension. Thank god.
  • 16:14:58: This trip was probably the cheapest trip I've made to St. Louis. The entire cost: just a little more than a room at the Hampton Inn. Score.
  • 16:16:49: I will probably stay here again but only if their wireless doesn't go down all weekend. Again. #laquinta #fail
  • 16:51:39: Headache officially gone. Thank god. I'll be getting around after I finish Invictus. Morgan Freeman + Matt Damon = WIN!
  • 17:08:16: If Nelson Mandela was/is as kind and strong of a man as this movie suggests, he was truly a great leader. There aren't enough men like him.
  • 17:17:35: Overall vacation score: 6.75 of 10. Better than average, but could have been better. Being away from home is great.
  • 18:54:15: Gonna finish getting ready and go have dinner before shoving off toward home.
  • 19:21:39: Checking out.
  • 21:08:08: No more Chinese before a long trip. Always a bad idea.

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