llewej irol (icarianbird) wrote,
llewej irol

From Twitter 04-21-2011

  • 17:59:10: RT @majornelson: It's April 21st and it's 37-degrees F. I don't agree with this.
  • 18:02:29: RT @GearsViking: As a surprise for our #Gears3Beta players - new map, Trenches, should now be available! Just restart the Beta to start ...
  • 21:53:34: RT @therealcliffyb: Controller just died mid match! I had to active reload some batteries.
  • 21:54:30: @therealcliffyb - That's why I have two controllers and two wireless mics: One dies, you grab the other off the charger. BAM!
  • 21:54:50: RT @GeorgeTakei: Men over 40: Sometimes you just have to go down the Rabbit Hole to Cialis. #Wonderland
  • 21:55:31: RT @iFlak: I'm thinking Gearheads are pretty much the best fans in the world. #Gears3Beta
  • 21:55:53: RT @therealcliffyb: And now for my impersonation of Yao Ming playing Xbox... http://yfrog.com/h26m5fgj
  • 22:02:04: When I down someone, it would be nice if you'd let me finish him off and get my kill. #Gears3Beta #douchebags

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