llewej irol (icarianbird) wrote,
llewej irol

From Twitter 05-02-2011

  • 01:51:15: RT @savannahallred: The ONLY thing that could round up this weekend of epic news would be if Jesus came back.
  • 01:51:19: RT @DarthWad3r: @iFlak @therealcliffyb Bin Laden got the Carmine's Star award for today. @GearsViking
  • 01:52:28: Sweet. Getting free #Gears3Beta codes from @Xbox. Stoked to be able to hand one to @hoojoe next week.
  • 06:20:47: RT @DalaiLama: To have true friends and be loved by them, we must in turn feel love and sympathy for others.
  • 06:20:54: RT @Lord_Voldemort7: So #Osama was killed. And the news came on May 1st/2nd, the Battle of Hogwarts. Does this mean he was secretly a De ...
  • 08:08:50: If I have to work tonight because someone called-in I'm going to be one very pissed off lab tech.
  • 09:28:34: My boss is supposed to text me if she can't find someone else to work tonight. I figure I'll be asked to go in anyway.
  • 10:00:54: I was going to bitch about not being able to find any men that will message me back and then I got two messages at the same time. #thanksgod
  • 10:09:29: If I ever need and #Intervention, I want #JeffVanVonderen. He's a hardass, but he gets it DONE!
  • 10:21:07: @hoojoe - if the interstate isn't flooded, I can get there.
  • 14:51:07: RT @pennjillette: ‎"I mourn the loss of thousands of precious lives, but I will not rejoice in the death of one, not even an enemy." - M ...
  • 19:12:49: RT @hughbla: Obama to Trump: I see your birth certificate and raise you one dead Osama. Trump folds. That's poker folks @IJasonAlexander
  • 19:12:58: RT @just_me_TH: @IJasonAlexander The Prince gets married, there's a new beautiful Princess, and the bad guy's dead! Turned out to be a r ...
  • 19:13:29: RT @sfosterphil: Coincidence that Chuck Norris just returned from vacation in Pakistan?
  • 19:13:41: RT @FINALLEVEL: RT @LisaLampanelli President Bush and Clinton tried to kill Osama and failed! If you want someone dead, hire a Black guy

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