llewej irol (icarianbird) wrote,
llewej irol

From Twitter 05-11-2011

  • 03:11:11: My neck has been hurting for 12+ hours. Sleep has not helped. :(
  • 03:21:07: Just took half a lortab in hopes of relieving my neck pain. I really think I need to talk to my doc about some muscle relaxers for my TMJ.
  • 08:13:40: Started Fable 3 today even though I haven't finished Fable or Fable 2. Lol.
  • 10:42:50: @directionalpad - capslock is always necessary for effect. #directionalponyissonotsorry
  • 10:44:53: @directionalpad - I just wished I could do italics. It would please me.
  • 10:54:57: My teeth are hurting from this new appliance. Apparently I've been clenching my teeth together really tightly. #owowowowow
  • 11:31:23: RT @wilw: Wow, Apple really screwed the iFlow developers. This makes me sad: http://is.gd/JmMrAY
  • 11:32:18: @wilw - WOW. They spared nothing while laying down the whole story of what Apple did.
  • 11:34:25: RT @RC4257: @wilw Can we all agree that apple are not so wonderful anymore now? THEY are the evil empire now
  • 11:46:31: RT @FINALLEVEL: I wish my dog could speak.. Sometimes he stares at me like he's really about to say something.... And we just look at ea ...
  • 11:47:59: Every so often I get bombarded by messages from my dating sites. It's like once a month these men realize I exist.
  • 20:54:57: RT @therealcliffyb: I'd rather be scatter brained than splatter brained. #zombiemottos
  • 20:58:46: @GearsViking - of course you do!
  • 22:11:19: #intervention is the reason I don't give money to panhandlers. I hate that for the people that really need it, but I'm not supporting that.

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