llewej irol (icarianbird) wrote,
llewej irol

From Twitter 05-12-2011

  • 02:23:08: RT @GearsViking: Ok, it's on! If we win the IGN Most Anticipated Game award (http://ow.ly/4Sqws) then we'll do a week long E3 XP event ...
  • 02:24:38: Gears of War 3 is ONE of my most anticipated game of #e3 http://t.co/CVrFRjW via @ign
  • 02:25:01: Batman: Arkham City is my ONE of most anticipated game of #e3 http://t.co/FSNB1xS via @ign
  • 02:35:19: RT @gmanews: WARNING Facebook users: If you see a friend's wall post asking you to VERIFY YOUR ACCOUNT to prevent spam DON'T! #TechTweet ...
  • 03:53:37: @iFlak Why not just call it a "demo" instead? lol
  • 07:33:35: Come compare books with me on Goodreads: http://goodreads.com/twitter_users/landing?twit_inviter_id=95988
  • 07:58:11: @hoojoe - apparently I had joined Goodreads in 2008 & forgot about it. I found my old profile today under "icarianbird." Deleted & changed.
  • 08:19:11: @hoojoe - OH!! The #goodreads app let's you scan book barcodes. Fun!
  • 08:31:26: It's only 0830 but it feels like 2230 to me. #weirdsleepscheduleisweird
  • 08:32:55: @EpicCog - If it helps any, the bag and tag is REALLY fun to watch from the meatshield pov.
  • 09:11:09: Looking into some podcasts and trying to get into that. Hopefully, I can.
  • 10:53:42: My grandfather frustrates me to no end. He asks me questions about stuff I don't know about when I'm trying to figure it out. Shut up.
  • 10:56:23: It should not be THIS HARD to hook up a satellite receiver. Honestly.
  • 14:01:00: Nothing I've touched today has worked. Why have the tech-gods forsaken me once again?!
  • 15:05:12: @EpicCog - That's because the sawed-off instakills. I've rarely gotten a down with it.
  • 19:09:34: Was just told by someone on xbox that if he still lived close by he would ask me out. *sigh* I have horrible luck.

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