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From Twitter 05-13-2011

  • 00:07:46: @wilw don't forget to give those TSA bastards the finger on your way through.
  • 00:07:51: RT @TehEmoPenguin: I love how the Gears 3 beta went from "Holy shit, I want a code so badly" to "Holy shit, what am I supposed to do wit ...
  • 00:09:18: RT @UnexpectedP: @therealcliffyb @EpicCog Gears 3 needs to have only pillows as starting weapons because all of the weapons are overpow ...
  • 00:10:38: RT @EKeratsis: We love cakes on set! We gave Jonathan Frakes one just for wearing a Bounty towel on his head like a pirate.
  • 00:10:51: RT @therealcliffyb: Everyone out there know "that guy" who lands girls just by keeping his mouth running? It's as if the girls give in j ...
  • 01:10:29: Wow. PSN is STILL down. #suckstobeyou Sony. That's why I'm an Xbox girl. Even if M$ overcharges sometimes.
  • 01:14:37: Thundering again..? Really, Mother Nature? Have you not had enough rain?
  • 01:27:52: I am so sleepy. That's what I get for staying up all day. Ugh. I've ruined my sleep schedule AND I have to go get my car today.
  • 01:51:37: So I'm popular again on my dating sites. I wonder what makes me flux like that?
  • 02:55:52: 3 am and I'm bored. Maybe I should play Fable 3?
  • 03:18:17: Listening to podcasts. Started with http://www.simplysyndicated.com/shows/makeitso/ . Pretty funny guys on there.
  • 04:02:37: @directionalpad - I'll go! #iwish
  • 04:06:47: @directionalpad - Too bad I have to work. #workistherootofallevil
  • 04:21:51: @directionalpad - It cuts close. I could if I tried, but too much holding me down here. :( I'd love to go see Vegas.
  • 04:31:29: @directionalpad - I just don't think I could swing it at this moment. Getting repairs on my car is hacking into my cash-flow. :(
  • 04:38:32: @directionalpad - What are you going for anyway? Vacation or work?
  • 04:42:21: @directionalpad - That is a most excellent reason to go.
  • 04:49:28: AH HA! I thought Jasper was voiced by John Cleese!! #fable3
  • 05:46:27: Get to pick up my car this morning. I'm happy.
  • 06:01:16: The guys on @theshaftpodcast remind me of you, @hoojoe
  • 06:38:25: Listening to http://www.theshaftpodcast.com/ this morning. I haven't played in a while, but I thought it would be a good listen.
  • 07:48:24: Trying this again and it works: Gears Beta Cheater http://t.co/NY59IOr via @youtube @epiccog @gearsviking
  • 09:00:25: I want to go to bed for work, but I'm not sleepy even though I only had like 3 hours of sleep yesterday.
  • 09:00:50: @xsundeep - That is quite excellent.
  • 15:43:25: RT @grantimahara: Me, to producer: "We have a box of ninja stuff. It's a different box from the Kung Fu stuff." #Friday #Mythbusters
  • 15:45:49: RT @bitmobshoe: Two cute gals recently told me it's vital that a guy knows his "your" vs. "you're." Thanks for setting the bar so low, A ...
  • 15:47:16: @therealcliffyb - I'm actually quite fond of the new controls (once I finally learned curbstomp = y, not x).
  • 15:48:56: RT @EpicCog: #gears3beta Stat of the Day: % of kills by weapon - Gnasher 30%, Sawed-off 18%, Retro Lancer 13%, Arm Rip/Face Punch 11%, L ...
  • 18:43:36: RT @GeneralReeder: @EpicCog @raczilla Did you know that the hammer of dawn isn't a satellite. its actually Chuck Norris staring down at you.
  • 19:15:10: Is it odd that I have to reset my digital watch every weekend and set it up five minutes? I'm convinced that time slows in my home town.
  • 20:19:10: RT @HammerOfWynn: Another day where I was too swamped to post any codes, blame E3 (which is going to be totally awesome). Cool Gears ne ...
  • 20:20:34: Don't know if this has been used yet. Try the 3rd #Gears3Beta #Code. If it works, let me know please. http://t.co/LQS9I0r
  • 20:23:35: Is @XboxPrizes affiliated with you? @Xbox @XboxforCore
  • 21:28:53: RT @God_Damn_Batman: Goodbye, Smallville! We love you. Thanks for ten years of lame, repetitive, vapid television. Oh, and Superman sucks.
  • 21:31:06: Listening to @swordandlaser #podcast for the first time. Really makes me want to read right now.
  • 21:31:34: @RyanClay why?
  • 21:41:50: @RyanClay but I'm one and I don't perceive this..?
  • 23:14:25: RT @joeslostdog: I respect Islam, I really do, but 72 virgins in heaven for a martyr, have you ever really known a willing virgin?
  • 23:14:32: RT @wilw: Everyone loves Hypnotoad!
  • 23:14:44: RT @wilw: While playing Pokémon today, I acquired ULTRA BALLS. So, yanno, I have ULTRA BALLS now ... ladies. #IAmTwelve
  • 23:18:30: @GearsViking - On Friday the 13th? Weird!

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