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My Dating FAQ

Going to answer a few questions about my dating stuff...

I signed up on EHarmony; Match.com; OkCupid; and PlentyOfFish.

I've found out something really interesting during my dating experience: The more often a site is advertised on television, the less likely I am to find anyone I like on there. Sites that are advertised on TV require a HUGE monthly/quarterly/yearly fee and I never seem to get replies from anyone on there. I can send 20 messages a day for a week and receive no reply.

This was my second try for EHarmony. I figured that, since I hadn't paid the first time, I might have better luck if I paid the fee this time. I did and, just like before, I got no replies from anyone. I never even got a "No thanks. Not interested." I understand that you may not want to give the impression that you're interested, but a simple reply would be nice. I don't even need one from everyone, just one or two to help me see if my messages are getting anywhere. I'd get "winks" from guys with no pictures and no information which was NOT helpful one bit. What good is putting up the profile if I have no way to get to know who you are? I'm not going to contact you back if I can't even see how old you are. I cancelled my subscription 2 months ago and I WILL NOT be using their service again. Do not sign up for EHarmony. It is a sham.

Like EHarmony, Match.com is a pay-to-do-anything-worthwhile site. I signed up for six months and, honestly, I've had more interaction in one week than I had the whole time I was on EHarmony. Again, you see it on TV a lot so it's really not as good as the free sites I'm on (even if it looks a lot better). I met Wes on Match.com, but, honestly, I'm not a fan of the site. I've pretty well quite looking at it and I'm going to be shutting off my membership today because I was waiting to the end of the month to do it. Eh. Skip Match.com. It's not the best.

OkCupid was suggested to me by hoojoe and it's really an interesting place. Completely free (with some perks if you decide to pay for them) and I like it a lot. The layout is very nice and it has a really fun quiz that you can fill out to find matches. The more questions you answer, the better. (Juanita and I do the quiz at work on my iPhone app for shits and giggles.) A good chunk of them are user-generated questions so you may answer the same question 20 times, but worded differently. I really like it and I've had mild success on OkCupid. I met Tony on there and I really like it. My suggestion for looking is OkCupid, because of the match rating/percentages and the interface.

I was extremely skeptical of PlentyOfFish at first, but it's actually not too bad of a place. At first, I was hit with the "heh heh you wanna fuck?" messages, but once you clear those boys out there's actually a pretty decent pool of available men. The features. Well, they're not that pretty, but there's quite a few nice things. You can see who has viewed you and you have a "want to meet me?" feature that will send you emails when someone clicks "yes." It's not as thorough as any of the other websites, but it's totally free (minus a few things you can pay for which aren't even important) and has a vast pool of singles. You have several settings that you can put on to keep people who are only surfing for sex from contacting you and other things like that. Not the greatest site in the world, but very effective. Preston and Daniel (first online date ever) are from PlentyOfFish.

So, a date updates... I recently contacted Tony and suggested that we meet when I go to see my TMJ specialist June 14th. I like his charisma and I think it would be nice to meet someone like him. I think we'll have a nice dinner and just talk for a bit before I have to head back home. Sorry, gaosalad, but I may have to let you sit this ride out.

Also, Wes wants to take me to the pistol range this week and get me started on my learning. I'm kind of excited. It'll be a good time and he's a great guy (even if I'm not totally interested in him in a romantic kind of way). I'm looking forward to it!
If anyone has any other questions about my wild and crazy adventures, just let me know. I'm happy to be candid about these things.

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