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  • Sun, 19:16: @FunnelFiasco - I think the word "Pls" should be a dead giveaway about that google scam anyway. Did you notice?
  • Sun, 19:18: RT @R_Roddy_Piper: Question. Is Detriot under Marshall law? I have to fly there and if so, whats the Marshalls name? We have to get an u ...
  • Sun, 19:20: RT @therealcliffyb: Informed our Microsoft pals that our presentation is not loud enough and that we do, in fact, want the balls of the ...
  • Sun, 19:20: RT @GeorgeTakei: Whoever pays over $1 a bottle for water should not complain about high gasoline prices. It's water, people.
  • Sun, 19:21: RT @DisneyPixar: "I forget things almost instantly. It runs in my family--well, I mean at least I think it does." #FindingNemo http://di ...
  • Sun, 20:34: RT @wilw: Me: Hey! Deer tracks in the Bunker Golfer: It's squirrels. Me: These tracks are side by side. Squirrels go single file to hide ...
  • Mon, 00:25: RT @Curiosity_Human: If Satan is the prince of darkness who Is the king?
  • Mon, 00:25: RT @Lord_Voldemort7: #thingsthatdontmakesense Sparkly Cedric/Kristin Stewart. How did the world's most awkward people find each other? # ...
  • Mon, 00:28: RT @jitka22: not burning to death is almost always preferable to burning to death
  • Mon, 02:56: RT @God_Damn_Batman: Sometimes I have hope for the future. Then Twilight wins the MTV Movie Awards over Inception. And I break things.
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