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  • Wed, 04:47: RT @DalaiLama: We have the ability and the responsibility to choose whether our actions follow a virtuous path or not.
  • Wed, 04:47: RT @notch: I haven't checked out the Nintendo booth yet, though, The wii u (is that REALLY what they're calling it?) might be cool
  • Wed, 04:47: RT @notch: I may have given PC gamer the quote "Not much innvation at E3". I hope that doesn't offend any of our partners.. but seriously..
  • Wed, 04:48: @GearsViking - Your new Twitter pic surpasses the definition of "epic." I honestly have no other word for it. :D
  • Wed, 04:50: Blogging and making myself breakdown in tears just reminded me that I need to remove my makeup.
  • Wed, 05:12: HHDL offers a young patient a ceremonial scarf during his vis... on Twitpic: http://t.co/tzIc5z3 via @AddThis
  • Wed, 05:13: I hope that, some day, I can meet His Holiness the @DalaiLama. I think it would be a moving experience. Moreso than even meeting the Pope.
  • Wed, 07:16: What's with all the old #whoopigoldberg movies hitting #netflix ? I think it's awesome!
  • Wed, 07:24: To the random people following me: WHY are you following me? 0_o Am I interesting?
  • Wed, 07:27: Why is it that I need just the right song to write to?
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