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  • Thu, 12:19: RT @therealcliffyb: Many touchscreen interfaces feel like trying to operate an ATM with a moist softball. Our fingers aren't toddler siz ...
  • Thu, 12:19: RT @FunnelFiasco: RT @poke__egg: wow, someone just dropped a HUGE $200 donation to #mariomarathon, bringing it OVER the line to beat #MM ...
  • Thu, 12:21: RT @donnyclaytheway: Always remember-- the road less traveled is where most people bury the bodies.
  • Thu, 12:21: I have such a headache. Ugh, my TMJ has been cut down to really annoying me once a month, rather than 24/7, but it still sucks.
  • Thu, 13:08: RT @God_Damn_Batman: Do I have a disaster emergency plan? Yeah. It’s called BEING BATMAN.
  • Thu, 13:26: Watching Power Rangers has made me want to bust out my Pretty Guardian Sailor Moon discs and watch them again.
  • Thu, 13:35: How does Billy go from "OMG I can't fight!" to "Look at me do backflips!!" within 10 episodes? #mightymorphinpowerrangers
  • Thu, 14:10: * Adventures In Dating *: Ugh... My Head http://t.co/JJxUK3c
  • Thu, 14:13: RT @wilw: Cat had an abscess drained, and is so high on pain killers he's even funnier than usual. Cat: OMG GUISE THIS RUG IZ AMAZING.
  • Thu, 14:39: RT @wilw: Dog: What's up with you, cat? Cat: IM NOT A CAT! IMA TEH LIZARD KING!!1 Dog: Oooooh-kay. Cat: LOOK OUT FOR THE HOT LAVA DOG!!
  • Thu, 14:48: How does Rita get her staff back when she sends it to earth? 0_o
  • Thu, 15:16: "i truly desire to hold you, look in those eyes and kiss you" // Wow.
  • Thu, 15:18: Re: Last tweet: I was just told that by someone. 0_0 See why I'm so lost in dating. I want to believe, but I'm so used to BS that I can't.
  • Thu, 19:39: RT @wilw: Me: "wookiee" Autocorrect: You mean "Wookiee", right? Me: The Force is with with us! My phone: Well, it's with one of us, anyway.
  • Thu, 23:44: Driving to IHOP to see someone that wanted to see me again. If I don't update before bed in the AM, send the cops!
  • Thu, 23:45: RT @Gaosalad: #chrisbrownneedsto stop making music please : )
  • Fri, 00:00: Ooh. Just made Heath so jealous!
  • Fri, 08:52: RT @raczilla: I knew this was going to happen eventually. I Nerf shot @iflak when she came into the office and made her spill her drink.
  • Fri, 08:52: RT @FunnelFiasco: #MarioMarathon starts in 105 minutes. Expect a lot of tweets about this. I'd apoologize, but it's for the children! ww ...
  • Fri, 08:52: RT @xsundeep: Hmm. Did we just hit $13,000? Donatey people are nice! #mariomarathon
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