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A Survey...

Taken from coldlikesnow

What does your name mean? Akin to Laurel which is a "symbol of victory."
How old are you? 20 (21 on Dec 5th)
How old are you mentally (as in are you mature?)? -laughs- Me? Mature? Okay... maybe 10 or 11.
Describe yourself in 5 words: optimistic; writer; imaginative; semi-femanist; loyal
What are your worst qualities? inconsistant; forgetful; don't pay attention; not very dependable because I'm inconsistant, forgetful, and don't pay attention
What are your best qualities? -scratches her head- Dunno. I'm creative and imaginitive.
How long does it take you get get ready in the morning? Minimum: 20 minutes; Maximum: 1 1/2 hours. Depends on the occation.

Do you dream at night? Yes... Definately. And they're all extremely weird and seem like I'm trying to relive my childhood.
Do you remember your dreams? Most all of the early morning dreams.
Describe one: I really can't think of any at the moment. Most of the really bizarre ones involve lots of colors and geometrically shaped rooms. Squares, triangles, circles. Weird stuff that doesn't exist normally.
What time do you go to bed usually? Sometime between 11 p.m. and 2:30 a.m.
What time do you wake up normally? Sometime between 7 a.m and 8:30 a.m.
What time do you wake on weekends? about 9 or 10 a.m.
Do you find waking late nice or annoying? I used to love sleeping in but now I find it annoying because half my day is gone. I guess that means I'm getting older..?
do you sleep with one pillow or two? -counts on her fingers- 5 ...and 2 teddy bears

Do you have heaps of friends? Not really anymore. I don't think I ever did actually. They were all mostly acquaintances. (can't spell tonight)
Do you have a best friend? More than just one.
Do you have more guy friends or more girl friends? Used to be guys, but its pretty much evened out since H.S.
Do you ever get annoyed at any friend? Kinda, but not really since they're all basically just like me. ^_^
Have you ever lied to a friend? Yeah. Its a bad practice, I know, but sometimes you just gotta.
Have you ever stolen a friends boyfriend/girlfriend? Nope. Not that kinda person. I usually don't mess with that stuff.

Do you like your parents? Yupsie.
Ever run away from home? Nope. I don't like gettin' too far. Unless you count staying at school all the time running away..?
Ever thought about it? A couple times, but I'm such a wuss it doesn't matter.
Do you have any siblings? YES! ^_^
If so, do you like or get annoyed with them? Yes... Very often.
How old are they? He's 16 ...and evil. Very, very evil.
Do you feel your parents spoil you? I don't think they did, but then when I talk to people who were raised differently, I realize that I was a spoiled rotten little brat.
Do you not get along with any of your family? My dad kinda. But that's because we're so alike. I've got his attitude and stuff.
Do you have big family get togethers ever? The biggest ones are at Thanksgiving and Christmas, but we do have some semi-large gatherings during the Spring and Summer to fry fish. YUMMY! ^_^

Do you have a boyfriend/girlfriend? Yes
If so, are you in love with them? Yes
Do they love you? Yes. With all his little black heart.
How long have you been together? -counts on her fingers again- 'Bout 5 years or so.
Most romantic thing they've ever done for you? OMG... That's a hard one. He's been really romantic and it just creeps me out. Dunno why yet. Prolly when he takes care of me when I'm sick or feel bad. May not be the typical romance, but it means a lot to me.
Do you have a crush? I did at one time.
If so, are you in love? No
Do they know you like them? He did... and I belive he still does.

Is it serious or playful? BF: Serious. Crush: Started off playful, turned serious, then went playful again. All this whilst I was with the bf. -sighs as she admits this to herself finally-
How long have you liked them? BF: Ever since I first layed eyes on him. ^_^ Crush: -shrugs- Long enough to know I did?
Ever done something stupid to impress them? BF: Hell Yes. Lots of things. Crush: No.
Have you ever experienced unrequited love? Explain to me the definition of 'unrequited' and I'll give you an answer...
Do u find it romantic or hurtful? Again. Give me a definition.
Even know what it is? See above answers.

Ever had sex? ...Yes
Believe that a person shouldnt have sex before marriage? I did at one time. Now I don't. I think its a very healthy thing if done safely. Plus its a fun recreational pasttime.
Believe in casual sex? Kinda. You'd have to understand my thoughts 'bout it to get it.
When do you plan/when did you lose your virginity? How old was I? 16?
Did you regret it? No... only regret the setting. We couldn't have picked a less romantic place.

Have you ever been drunk? No... and don't ever plan to be.
Taken drugs? Only if you count the pain meds I was on for my gallbladder.
Stolen? Yes. I'm slightly Klepto.
Shoplifted? Accidentally. And yes... it was accidentally. Ask me 'bout it if you want the story.
Tried to commit suicide? No... but I know a few people who have.
Lied to a boyfriend or girlfriend? -frowns- Sadly, Yes.
Gotten into a fight? Yes. A couple of fist fights with my BF. We were both very upset and it was before he got all his meds lined out. He's all mellow now.
Are you more innocent or guilty? Of what? Who told you?
Would you date a drug addict? NO!! My parents are addicts and I do not want to be anywhere near the stuff. I absolutely HATE drugs and alcohol.
Have you ever had to look after someone who was a drug addict? Not yet and I don't ever plan to.
Are you racist? Not on purpose. I'm trying to work through sterotype issues that I have in the back of my mind, but other than that, No.
Are you discriminatory to anyone? I try not to be. But I am.
Have you been a hypocrite in the past? YES! I was a hypocrite to my BF during part of our relationship. I never realized it till he brought it up in an argument.
Do you have an open or closed mind to other peoples beliefs and feelings? Like a screen door on a submarine... ^_^

Do you watch tons of tv? I did, but then I didn't and now I do again.
How many times have you been to the movies in the past 6 months? 6 times at least prolly
Do you listen to the radio often? I go almost nowhere without my CD player.
Do you read the newspaper? I try to. I can't afford to get a subscription so I read our campus paper when possible.
Do you read magazines? Yes... Realms of Fantasy. My very fav. (which reminds me. I have the current issue that I need to read.)
Are you a couch potato? Yes. I have no will power.
Do you use the internet too much? See above answer.

Whats your fave style of music? All of it. I have no favorite. I jam to whatever.
Do you play an instrument? Alto and Baritone Saxophone
Do you sing? Somewhat. Not professionaly, mind you.
Whats your fave band? I'll prolly say its a toss up between Aerosmith and AC/DC. Anything 80's works. I'll listen to most anyone for a week or two and then switch CD's.
Why? I just love music.
Have you met them before? I wish...
Name 3 cds that youve bought in that last year: I don't think I've bought any in the past year. I got a burnt copy of RA from my bud Dustin, but i'm sure that doesn't count.
Why did you buy them? N/A I've got no money.

Are you funny or serious? I flop back and forth
Creative or not? Creative
Are you outgoing or shy? Depends on who you are. If you're a close friend, I'm crazy and outgoing. If you're not, I'm rather shy.
Are you lazy or active? At the moment, quite lazy.
Have you ever been hyperactive? As a child. ...and when I chew sugarless bubble gum. Something about nutrasweet makes me go WILD!!
Are you a naturally hyperactive person? I figit, but not really.

Are you happy with the way you look? Nope, and prolly never will be.
What would you change? My size
Do you wear makeup regularly? NO. It breaks my skin out and I don't feel like wasting my time to learn to put something on that I will never do because i don't feel like wasting time to do it in the morning. Why take an hour to put on makeup when I can sleep???
Do you have a large wardrobe? No. T-shirts and jeans.

Do you have a job? Kinda. Work/Study at school
Do you like it? Yeah. Its fun.
Are you a saver or a spender? Save. I can't ever find what I want to spend my money on. And when I do make a decision, I've already missed my chance.
Do you work hard or slack off? At work, I work (unless i just don't feel like it). Everywhere else I slack off.
Have you ever been fired? Nope. Only had 2 jobs. Though I did think I was gonna be fired this summer with the way Kim and John were acting.
In trouble at work? Only with my work ethic and attitude and that's only occationaly.
Made a major mistake? Prolly. I don't care to remember it if I did though.
Ever had money stolen from you? At work, no. But yes I have.
Are you always broke? Only because I can't have any money from my job until all my fees are paid. :(

~Embarassing moments~
Your all time most embarassing moment? Dunno. They all seem that way.
Ever snorted drink out your nose? I believe so. I've kinda done it to toothpaste when I was brushing my teeth also. Makes your sinuses minty fresh for most of the day. Opens them and you can breathe.
Ever giggled like an idiot? Oh yeah. That's the normal me on a good day.
Ever embarassed yourself and pretended nothing happened? I do that all the time. Its kinda what I do.
Ever tripped in front of someone you liked? Of course... that's a must.
Ever said something really stupid? Yeah. I do that a lot for some reason.
Ever snorted while laughing? Yes. And I didn't like it.
Ever fallen off a bed? ^_^ A bunch. Usually it was bunkbeds.
Ever sleepwalked? Not that I know of.
Ever sleeptalked? Uh huh. My parents amuse me with stories about it from my childhood.

Ever had funny thoughts and laughed and no one understood you? Yeah. Do that a lot actually.
What do you think about most of the time? No particular order. Stephen, Kris, my writing, my rpgs, my livejournal. Stuff like that.
Does your mind go blank a lot? Every day of my life...
What is the mood of your thoughts, generally? Mood? Dunno. Sometimes sinister. Sometimes depressed. Sometimes chipper. Its a daily change.
What did you think of this survey? Dunno. Seems like the thing to do I guess.

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