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  • Thu, 03:51: @twitter Why do you give me the ability to quote a tweet on my iPhone app but not on your website? I know I can copy/paste but quote is cool
  • Thu, 03:56: “@wilw: Ryan & I are watching a cheesy 80s slasher flick (The Burning). We just saw a young @IJasonAlexander w/ a head of luxurious hair."
  • Thu, 06:29: Now playing From Dust. http://raptr.com/LackOfHarmony
  • Thu, 07:50: I really wish I could develop my writing ideas further than my brain. I think some of them would be really interesting novels right now.
  • Thu, 07:53: #nanny911 and #supernanny are #thedogwhisperer for parents.
  • Thu, 08:41: I also wish I could work on my weight, but I just don't have the motivation to do so. I wish I was smaller than I am.
  • Thu, 08:41: RT @TheScienceGuy: At Kennedy Spaceflight Center, getting ready for launch of Juno to Jupiter. It's got a wild magnetosphere. Earth had ...
  • Thu, 09:00: My mother just bought a treadmill. I need to schedule time every day to go over there and use it... or watch her use it. One or the other.
  • Thu, 10:54: Earth Had Two Moons That Crashed to Form One, Study Suggests - Yahoo! News http://t.co/HMcXhwk via @YahooNews // WOW!
  • Thu, 12:04: I am totally enveloped in the world of podcasts but most of the ones I'm listening to are 3+ y-o simply b/c I like starting at the beginning
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