llewej irol (icarianbird) wrote,
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  • Fri, 07:08: I forgot to mention that I took my brother out for Indian food last night. It was a great experience. I've always wanted to try curry. Mmmm.
  • Fri, 08:39: Just saw @NICKIMINAJ on GMA. She looked like she should have been on an episode of @RuPaulsDragRace.
  • Fri, 09:05: I have an idea that I want to go to my parents' house every day at 4pm and walk on the treadmill for 15-30 minutes. Trying to start today.
  • Fri, 11:46: RT @JadinRecks: Company-wide weight loss contest? Bring tons of donuts and sweets to every event. Makes sense, right?
  • Fri, 12:06: I woke up for some reason and don't know when I'll be going back to sleep. Still a little sad.
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