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I haven't felt like doing much of anything for the past few days. I skipped class Monday and Tuesday because of this. I did go to work Tuesday afternoon. I think its my damn depression. I felt depressed all weekend. I figure its rearing its ugly head and causing me to lose interest in everything again. I'd like to work on my other journals, but I just can't get myself to do it very often. I have an abundance of time, but no want to. I need to thieve on RuneScape and get my money's worth since I'm using a paid account. :( I've basically quit playing because I've found other things I want to do. Perhaps eventually I'll get back into my old groove. Maybe this summer? Dunno. I just wish I didn't put everything off.

List of stuff that needs to be done before DEC 01

  1. Phlebotomy Assignment -- maybe not before Dec 01, but before DEC 05!
  2. Magazing Clipping Assignment -- totally forgot about this and i don't really know when it suppose to be done
  3. Fitness Work Out Plan -- doesn't have to be done by DEC 01, but I want it to be
  4. All homework that I missed
  5. All reading that I skipped
  6. Rearranging my room to where its able to be lived in
  7. Eye Appointment
  8. Change my oil/Check on my brakes
  9. Anything else that I may have forgotten and that can be added later...

That's basically what I'm workin' on now. I don't have much else that I think needs to be done. I've already done my schedual and stuff. I have all my classes for next semester planned out. They're all afternoon and evening classes. I'm gonna try that and see what it does for me. ^_^ Sleep is good.

That's bout it for me...


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