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  • Tue, 17:22: RT @RedCrossAlan: Platelet donors needed! Many needing platelets r undergoing chemotherapy or organ transplants.Check it out at http://t ...
  • Tue, 17:28: RT @Gaosalad: No, anime. You are NOT allowed to have a Rap opening theme.
  • Tue, 17:35: RT @tlh04: @raczilla Come to our office...we talk to printers, computers, etc. Someday, the IT dept will program them to answer back and ...
  • Tue, 17:38: I love #gearsofwar but I'm seriously tired of losing, never winning prizes, and my voice not being heard. SOME OF US CAN'T PLAY ON WEEKENDS!
  • Tue, 18:29: Now playing Gears of War 2. http://t.co/b5kHDhC
  • Wed, 00:03: Seriously considering making a move toward changing jobs/shifts, because I feel like I'm missing out on too much with what I have right now.
  • Wed, 00:04: @hoojoe - I've watched your vids... "Hey, everybody. Cobunist here."
  • Wed, 00:37: @hoojoe - Btw, I really think you should use matches. It looks like you're lighting up a weed pipe when you light your pipe with a lighter.
  • Wed, 02:27: Watched a vid of my friends on Memorial Day and kept wishing I could've been there. I need a change.
  • Wed, 03:30: * Adventures In Dating *: I'm Done. http://t.co/HoYRKak
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