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  • Thu, 08:39: Discover keeps upping my limit. I'm now @ $6,700 with a balance close to $4k (dental work). Just realized I need to pay more to get it down.
  • Thu, 10:49: @Gaosalad - four new classes in borderlands 2. First one released is called "gunserker." It's the dwarf guy on game informer.
  • Thu, 11:19: @EpicGames & @GearsofWar3 piss me off. Always hold weekend events & I never get to participate. Fixing to remove them since I can't ever win
  • Thu, 11:30: I really need a new job just because no one takes weekend workers into consideration for anything. I can't even play my favorite game.
  • Thu, 11:31: It's pretty bad if I'm so frustrated with everyone else that I start crying. I'm so tired of being treated as a second-class citizen.
  • Thu, 11:32: @GearsofWar3 I'm tired of being treated as a second-class gamer since I work weekends. Your #gearsweekend is bullshit.
  • Thu, 11:44: I feel like no one is listening to me at all. I'm to the point a tiny piece of me wishes I could disappear. Not like anyone would notice.
  • Thu, 11:44: Honestly, there's only like 4 people who even give a fuck that I'm alive anyway.
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