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  • Tue, 12:23: RT @jedediaj: I have "the internet" in my home. Game: Changed.
  • Tue, 12:23: RT @FINALLEVEL: Oh shit... I gotta stop Tweeting.. Jerry Springer is on!!!
  • Tue, 12:23: RT @FINALLEVEL: Swag means 'Swagger' but now it means.. I wear my jeans BELOW my butt cheeks.. Please tell me what's fly about that?
  • Tue, 12:23: RT @FunnelFiasco: Time to pay my tuition. Even with the staff discount and the scholarship through work, it's painful.
  • Tue, 12:24: RT @FINALLEVEL: On another note... I'm sick of the word 'Swag' if you say it.. It means you have none. I'm bringing back 'Style' fuck Swag.
  • Tue, 12:24: RT @bildobang25: @IJasonAlexander i decided i was officially old when i heard QUEEN ANOTHER ONE BITES THE DUST on KOOL 105 classic old ...
  • Tue, 12:24: RT @FINALLEVEL: People always say "I wanna be a dead body on SVU" No you don't. They'll have you looking raped and thrown in a freezing ...
  • Tue, 12:50: Embarrassed because I cried in front of my boss today. Bleh.
  • Tue, 16:54: RT @GearsViking: So first a tornado jumps over my house, now we get an earthquake and this weekend we're getting an hurricane. #endofdays
  • Tue, 22:49: Playing Warhammer 40,000: Space Marine Demo for the first time. http://t.co/b5kHDhC
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