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A long conversation with an old friend...

He's so funny and I don't get to talk to him often. Show's you the characters that I RP with... ;)

nocturnal_bloodfeast is mike and o0jahrah0o is, of course, me.


nocturnal_bloodfeast: posting?

o0jahrah0o: not yet...
o0jahrah0o: soon...

nocturnal_bloodfeast: ok

o0jahrah0o: ranting about something to make me feel better... lol

nocturnal_bloodfeast: how are you?

o0jahrah0o: i'm good... my roommate's sick so i'm hanging out here
o0jahrah0o: I don't want the flu before I go home for Thanksgiving

nocturnal_bloodfeast: what the deuce? This isn't my font or color!
nocturnal_bloodfeast: Ah.....
nocturnal_bloodfeast: Don't catch the flu!

o0jahrah0o: Don't want it...

nocturnal_bloodfeast: then don;t atch it. it's very simple, you see

o0jahrah0o: I already had a sinus infection... i've been sick enough this year already

nocturnal_bloodfeast: I hate this keyboard, you know.
nocturnal_bloodfeast: ah, the sinus. My bane.
nocturnal_bloodfeast: Oh, and about the last post.... not enough emotion, right now. What with our key players gone. So, have at it!

o0jahrah0o: lol
o0jahrah0o: my mind's been kinda blank so i've been nagging everyone i can to play
o0jahrah0o: most all my games have died

nocturnal_bloodfeast: why have your games died?

o0jahrah0o: ...and i can't find any to play that i feel are any good

nocturnal_bloodfeast: what games?

o0jahrah0o: -shrugs- winter time?

nocturnal_bloodfeast: ah... those games

o0jahrah0o: yeah... they're games...

nocturnal_bloodfeast: make your own games. Like the one where you post.

o0jahrah0o: bah... mine die as well... i lose interest
o0jahrah0o: don't know why

nocturnal_bloodfeast: be interested! Soon there will be darkness! Isn't that fun?!

o0jahrah0o: lol
o0jahrah0o: i noticed that you're really wanting to get to dark anakin
o0jahrah0o: its like... okay.. everyone's still alive and anakin's evil.. so there!

nocturnal_bloodfeast: not so much really wanting to, just setting the stage.
nocturnal_bloodfeast: I doubt very much that they will show all the reasons why Anakin turns

o0jahrah0o: prolly not
o0jahrah0o: i was severely disappointed in the 2nd movie
o0jahrah0o: ...to be truthful...

nocturnal_bloodfeast: besides, I've always done tis. Remember when I killed Satyr, and Anakin watched?

o0jahrah0o: oh.. i forgot that

nocturnal_bloodfeast: So was I
nocturnal_bloodfeast: of course you did!

o0jahrah0o: i talked to someone who had read all the books and he was pissed because EP1 re-wrote the whole SW history

nocturnal_bloodfeast: because it is not in the history!
nocturnal_bloodfeast: Well, it doesn't take a total geek to kow they did that.

o0jahrah0o: i've never read the books... so i didn't understand until i read what he had to say bout it

nocturnal_bloodfeast: Where was Qui-Gon mentioned in the original trilogy?

o0jahrah0o: -shrugs- i kinda noticed that... but i like Qui-Gon
o0jahrah0o: Maybe its the fact that I like Liam?? hmmm

nocturnal_bloodfeast: It was said, by Obi-Wan QUOTE!!!!, "When I first knew hime, your father was already a skilled piot, but I was amazed at how strongly the Force was with him. I took it upon myself to instruct. I thought I could do just as good a job as Yoda. I was wrong."
nocturnal_bloodfeast: huh????

o0jahrah0o: he was a skilled pilot ... of a pod racer
o0jahrah0o: ...but yeah... obi-wan was his first teacher.. not Qui-Gon

nocturnal_bloodfeast: And let us not forget his small speech in ...te Empire Strikes Back.
nocturnal_bloodfeast: "You will go to Degoba. There you will find Yoda. The Jedi master who instructed me."

o0jahrah0o: he mangled it all for the money... you know that

nocturnal_bloodfeast: Uhhh.... Qui-Gon was his first teacher
nocturnal_bloodfeast: It was Qui-Gon's dying wish that Obi-Wan "Train the boy..."
nocturnal_bloodfeast: What really bothers me is that you can see in the acting Lucas' feelings. He has been quoted as saying, "I'll just be glad when it's over with."

o0jahrah0o: yeah

nocturnal_bloodfeast: ~gets pastram sandwich~

o0jahrah0o: ...before all this... i thought Lucus was a genius... now.. he's a quack... its amazing how something simple like a couple movies could change my ideas

nocturnal_bloodfeast: I grew up in the Star Wars universe. Oft times, I feel like Vader. Angry, conflicted, confused. Lucas has thrown all of my feelings away, and my feelings are shared.
nocturnal_bloodfeast: After years of pointing at the toothebrush, my hand quaking, trying to use the Force to bring it to me, now I find myself thinking, "Meesa wants toothebrush." I HATE IT!

o0jahrah0o: (crying Y!Smiley) times were so much simpler in the 80's
o0jahrah0o: lol

nocturnal_bloodfeast: If Nights of the old Republic can be Star Wars historically accurate, why can't Lucas?

o0jahrah0o: -shrugs- isn't that the XBox game?

nocturnal_bloodfeast: yup

o0jahrah0o: that's the only reason i want a box... i played it for a couple hours at my friend's house... omg
o0jahrah0o: love that game!

nocturnal_bloodfeast: do not forget Halo. If you deny it, I shall further this love story by making JahRah a wraith too.

o0jahrah0o: lol
o0jahrah0o: i haven't played halo
o0jahrah0o: i'm still craving Knights of the Old Republic...
o0jahrah0o: I just now got a game cube...

nocturnal_bloodfeast: ...

o0jahrah0o: my brother wanted that harry potter quiddich game so bad that he could taste it... so he got it for his birthday
o0jahrah0o: a very interesting game mind you

nocturnal_bloodfeast: (smug Y!Smiley)

o0jahrah0o: we're trying to win the quiddich world cup... but its very hard without a memory card
o0jahrah0o: that was something we forgot in the constant begging for a new system

nocturnal_bloodfeast: I miss the true nintendo.

o0jahrah0o: how did i stick quiddich and star wars in the same conversation?? they don't even belong to the same genre
o0jahrah0o: i love Mario 3

nocturnal_bloodfeast: See? One of the last REAL Mario games.
nocturnal_bloodfeast: Now, he washes away graffitti
nocturnal_bloodfeast: And Star Fox Adventures sucked

o0jahrah0o: lol
o0jahrah0o: I like Super Smash Bros. That never gets old when you're beatin' up your siblings

nocturnal_bloodfeast: or friends...

o0jahrah0o: yes...
o0jahrah0o: though... is Mario 3... you could bash each other for your star cards

nocturnal_bloodfeast: but, you'll never beat leaping over a rocket to shoot point blank with a shotgun

o0jahrah0o: lol

nocturnal_bloodfeast: or outsmarting the bastard in the tank and killing him while he can do nothing
nocturnal_bloodfeast: HALO
nocturnal_bloodfeast: many a mad gamer has stormed away from me

o0jahrah0o: hmmm...
o0jahrah0o: but you see... i'm not a blood and violence type of person

nocturnal_bloodfeast: just like the old arcade Street Fighter2 days

o0jahrah0o: though knocking a yoshi off a high place is fun

nocturnal_bloodfeast: but, it can be used to settle arguments!!
nocturnal_bloodfeast: I like when Yoshi eats an opponent, then shites him iff a ledge.
nocturnal_bloodfeast: I can never get enough of that.

o0jahrah0o: lol
o0jahrah0o: i prefer kirby

nocturnal_bloodfeast: cheater

o0jahrah0o: when two of you friends are knocking each other out below... you just puff your little body over the two of them and then shift into the rock form... smashing them both to hell...
o0jahrah0o: not a cheater... my brother uses ness

nocturnal_bloodfeast: yup. cheater.
nocturnal_bloodfeast: you have accepted the dark side

o0jahrah0o: lol

nocturnal_bloodfeast: I use samus.

o0jahrah0o: i did use pikachu
o0jahrah0o: I don't like Samus... if you try to charge... you get beat up

nocturnal_bloodfeast: kill him
nocturnal_bloodfeast: that's why you don't rely on the charge

o0jahrah0o: I have the most fun playing with Kirby because he talks when you take some of the powers...

nocturnal_bloodfeast: the flame thrower, the grapple, the jump attack...

o0jahrah0o: ...i'm so easily amused

nocturnal_bloodfeast: what about jigglypuff's song?
nocturnal_bloodfeast: what's with that?

o0jahrah0o: takes too long to recover...
o0jahrah0o: ...specialy if you hit the wrong button and make her sleep

nocturnal_bloodfeast: but the sound... so wierd

o0jahrah0o: yeah

nocturnal_bloodfeast: like a neopet on crack

o0jahrah0o: Make Kirby take on Captain Falcon and use the Falcon Punch... i love that one
o0jahrah0o: ...and Ness's PK Thunder... and Pikachu's power...
o0jahrah0o: love it, love it!

nocturnal_bloodfeast: of, god
nocturnal_bloodfeast: oh.
nocturnal_bloodfeast: dammit

o0jahrah0o: wha?

nocturnal_bloodfeast: reinstaling kazaa is long.

o0jahrah0o: sorry...

nocturnal_bloodfeast: I want to download a video of the Hilton slut. I rather enjoy watching the mighty fall. to their knees.
nocturnal_bloodfeast: naughty.

o0jahrah0o: -laughs-
o0jahrah0o: More than I cared to know btw...

nocturnal_bloodfeast: well, excuse me.

o0jahrah0o: ;)
o0jahrah0o: just so you know..

nocturnal_bloodfeast: I thought we could say the things to eachother after all this time

o0jahrah0o: lol
o0jahrah0o: If I asked... sure... but I didn't, now did I?

nocturnal_bloodfeast: maybe I should go find Gordon, or that little girl in his care.

o0jahrah0o: -laughs-

nocturnal_bloodfeast: they wouldn't judge...

o0jahrah0o: Maybe if I had said... "Why do you need kazaa anyway?" ...Sure... tell me...

nocturnal_bloodfeast: oh, I see.

o0jahrah0o: Tis why you shouldn't volunteer information...
o0jahrah0o: ...If i'm too thick to ask for it... its prolly not needed
o0jahrah0o: ...not to ask for it... i mean

nocturnal_bloodfeast: ask for what? Now who's naughty?
nocturnal_bloodfeast: AHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA!!!!!!

o0jahrah0o: -laughs-
o0jahrah0o: Okay... so you win...

nocturnal_bloodfeast: thank you.... but, what were we talking about?
nocturnal_bloodfeast: oh, yes,

o0jahrah0o: ...I have no clue...

nocturnal_bloodfeast: Jucas is a hut.
nocturnal_bloodfeast: t

o0jahrah0o: Jucas?

nocturnal_bloodfeast: Lucas.

o0jahrah0o: Lucas maybe?

nocturnal_bloodfeast: God help me...

o0jahrah0o: ...i don't like my font... hmm...

nocturnal_bloodfeast: change it
nocturnal_bloodfeast: Change it, I say

o0jahrah0o: Changing my font is a good thing...

nocturnal_bloodfeast: where have you gone?
nocturnal_bloodfeast: ah!

o0jahrah0o: I was changing...

nocturnal_bloodfeast: don't sneak up on me

o0jahrah0o: ;)

nocturnal_bloodfeast: you're smiley face looks injured

o0jahrah0o: lol

nocturnal_bloodfeast: I must remember to do this.... it is so hard, though.
nocturnal_bloodfeast: 8-+
nocturnal_bloodfeast: no.

o0jahrah0o: which one is that suppose to be?

nocturnal_bloodfeast: :-+
nocturnal_bloodfeast: hold on.

o0jahrah0o: (Sunglasses Y!Smiley)

nocturnal_bloodfeast: :X
nocturnal_bloodfeast: wjat??!

o0jahrah0o: lol

nocturnal_bloodfeast: what the hell is that?
nocturnal_bloodfeast: (Smug Y!Smiley)
nocturnal_bloodfeast: blast!
nocturnal_bloodfeast: umm.... _:X
nocturnal_bloodfeast: what?\
nocturnal_bloodfeast: ...

o0jahrah0o: lol
o0jahrah0o: perhaps you should just ... stop?

nocturnal_bloodfeast: nevah!
nocturnal_bloodfeast: (Skull Y!Smiley)
nocturnal_bloodfeast: HA!

o0jahrah0o: i'm guessin that was it?

nocturnal_bloodfeast: yes
nocturnal_bloodfeast: it's animated, now....

o0jahrah0o: Good god... all that for a skull?

nocturnal_bloodfeast: ?
nocturnal_bloodfeast: who the hell do you think you are?

o0jahrah0o: Does someone need his medication? -laughs-

nocturnal_bloodfeast: it is a skull!

o0jahrah0o: I thought I was going to be seeing something pop out of my screen with all the carrying on you did...

nocturnal_bloodfeast: perhaps you would care fo (Pig Y!Smiley)?
nocturnal_bloodfeast: hmmm?\

o0jahrah0o: :P

nocturnal_bloodfeast: what is this? @-)
nocturnal_bloodfeast: oh.

o0jahrah0o: ...tagizzle...?

nocturnal_bloodfeast: Coffee?
nocturnal_bloodfeast: ~o)
nocturnal_bloodfeast: ahahahah!

o0jahrah0o: ...and you made fun of the way I said it...

nocturnal_bloodfeast: oh, let's see... something hip

o0jahrah0o: (Clown Y!Smiley)

nocturnal_bloodfeast: =; talk to the hand

o0jahrah0o: [-(

nocturnal_bloodfeast: izzle

o0jahrah0o: lol

nocturnal_bloodfeast: what the lazes is this one?

o0jahrah0o: which one?

nocturnal_bloodfeast: (Angel) 0-) (angel,angel)

o0jahrah0o: btw... how was my tantrum..? Now that I re-read it... I find it ... not as good as I first thought
o0jahrah0o: ...and that is an angel

nocturnal_bloodfeast: that was stupid.

o0jahrah0o: (devil)
o0jahrah0o: size ten is too small i think

nocturnal_bloodfeast: I liked it! I read to my self in my Ian McCellonnnnnn...... Gaandalf voice, and liked it.

o0jahrah0o: lmao

nocturnal_bloodfeast: How's this?

o0jahrah0o: why won't it go 11? i want 11
o0jahrah0o: OH! Other...
o0jahrah0o: ah ah!

nocturnal_bloodfeast: Mine goes to 11

o0jahrah0o: Its a Mac...
o0jahrah0o: Other... that worked just fine...
o0jahrah0o: 12 was just too big i think

nocturnal_bloodfeast: mmph....
nocturnal_bloodfeast: :))
nocturnal_bloodfeast: mac....
nocturnal_bloodfeast: oh, what a day

o0jahrah0o: They're the only comps with messengers.... i like to talk as I work/write/goof off

nocturnal_bloodfeast: really?

o0jahrah0o: yessum...
o0jahrah0o: Really

nocturnal_bloodfeast: mac's may have been a good computer, but now they are Bantha Fodder
nocturnal_bloodfeast: Or, Poodoo

o0jahrah0o: I think you went a lil over the top with the 'Mistress' bit... -laughs- All I see is Vader... not Satyr...

nocturnal_bloodfeast: When you look at vader... ~sigh~ much I have to teach this one. Vader was the poster child for a Sith Apprentice.

o0jahrah0o: I'm just sayin... that's a line from the movies... i love the originals with all my little black heart

nocturnal_bloodfeast: That greeting was something that Palppy liked. That's why I've used it in the past when Satyr would talk to Sidius

o0jahrah0o: ...I keep wanting to laugh for some reason... and I'm not sure yet

nocturnal_bloodfeast: This must have been you when I would post... watch. Watch me, now.
nocturnal_bloodfeast: (sleeping Y!Smiley)

o0jahrah0o: lol... its been a while....

nocturnal_bloodfeast: there. did you see that?
nocturnal_bloodfeast: That was you.

o0jahrah0o: okay...
o0jahrah0o: ..My brain only holds so much...
o0jahrah0o: ...when I'm doing school and play at the same time...
o0jahrah0o: ...I forget things..

nocturnal_bloodfeast: I see....

o0jahrah0o: Its like Kelly Bundy...

nocturnal_bloodfeast: then you forgot the lovie faces?

o0jahrah0o: -smiles- that's a damn funny show
o0jahrah0o: ...huh?

nocturnal_bloodfeast: I just picked up season one
nocturnal_bloodfeast: Good! You forgot!!!

o0jahrah0o: Is this a 'see above' type of moment??

nocturnal_bloodfeast: No.
nocturnal_bloodfeast: Don;t look above.

o0jahrah0o: -laughs-

nocturnal_bloodfeast: the past is the past.
nocturnal_bloodfeast: I'm over it, so should you be.

o0jahrah0o: Why is it I only hear from you occationally?
o0jahrah0o: My attention span is short btw
o0jahrah0o: ...though it is longer than a gnat

nocturnal_bloodfeast: I am only on this confounded messanger occassionally

o0jahrah0o: ah ha!
o0jahrah0o: Could be why...
o0jahrah0o: ...I was thinkin' that maybe you were scared of lil ole' me

nocturnal_bloodfeast: that is my excuse, anyway
nocturnal_bloodfeast: what? Scared of you?
nocturnal_bloodfeast: Ha!

o0jahrah0o: Ha?

nocturnal_bloodfeast: yes.

o0jahrah0o: I amuse you?

nocturnal_bloodfeast: perhaps.
nocturnal_bloodfeast: Am I to not e amused?
nocturnal_bloodfeast: after all, your profile is bland.

o0jahrah0o: Because I had to change accounts...
o0jahrah0o: so :P
o0jahrah0o: I keep forgetting to fix my profile...

nocturnal_bloodfeast: $-)
nocturnal_bloodfeast: wow.
nocturnal_bloodfeast: tat was gay.

o0jahrah0o: wanna buy a raffle ticket for a chain mail coif??

nocturnal_bloodfeast: ?
nocturnal_bloodfeast: that is a broad selection...

o0jahrah0o: wha?

nocturnal_bloodfeast: Oh! You just reminded me! I was to check ebay!!!

o0jahrah0o: cool.... We're giving it away on my birthday!

nocturnal_bloodfeast: :)>-

o0jahrah0o: I'm joining an SCA group.... but we're not really in the SCA yet

nocturnal_bloodfeast: S...C...A?

o0jahrah0o: the Society for Creative Anachranism...

nocturnal_bloodfeast: Sociopathic Carnivores Associated?

o0jahrah0o: i belive
o0jahrah0o: Basically we're like a Ren Faire but not....

nocturnal_bloodfeast: So, you are in the nude.

o0jahrah0o: lol
o0jahrah0o: No... I'm gonna be dressing in a dress... voluntarily

nocturnal_bloodfeast: I didn't thik it was funny...
nocturnal_bloodfeast: I thought it was a viable question

o0jahrah0o: i just got the email about the raffle and i thought I'd ask... never know who wants some chainmail
o0jahrah0o: I think I'll ask Matt...

nocturnal_bloodfeast: I have an.... associate that crafts my armor. You may call him Hell.

o0jahrah0o: we're gonna use the whole $10 we get off the raffle... i say 10 cause i don't see much more than that... to go toward our armor for battles
o0jahrah0o: I'm gonna be an archer!

nocturnal_bloodfeast: really?
nocturnal_bloodfeast: I look forward to it.

o0jahrah0o: yes really
o0jahrah0o: Look forward...? Why?

nocturnal_bloodfeast: I will be there.

o0jahrah0o: who where?

nocturnal_bloodfeast: I the shadows. Whenever you feel a chill, I am watching.

o0jahrah0o: -laughs-

nocturnal_bloodfeast: I AM DwATH
nocturnal_bloodfeast: oh, god

o0jahrah0o: -laughs harder-

nocturnal_bloodfeast: that was funny, wasn't it?
nocturnal_bloodfeast: shut up!

o0jahrah0o: Immensely
o0jahrah0o: Well... i could just go do some homework instead of chatting with you... and skip posting until oh... the first of december when i come back from holiday?

nocturnal_bloodfeast: no!
nocturnal_bloodfeast: You will post, now!

o0jahrah0o: lol
o0jahrah0o: You're worse than me... You finally decide that waiting was boring as I thought it was?

nocturnal_bloodfeast: I was moving. And... my lady Death left. So, I am alone, now.

o0jahrah0o: um... sure
o0jahrah0o: ...okay...

nocturnal_bloodfeast: My girlfriend left.
nocturnal_bloodfeast: God.
nocturnal_bloodfeast: thick, indeed

o0jahrah0o: lol

nocturnal_bloodfeast: you see, she didn't go to the store. She didn't go to work. She left.

o0jahrah0o: awww....
o0jahrah0o: ...i'm still confused though... metaphors and similes are not the thing to use with me

nocturnal_bloodfeast: ...
nocturnal_bloodfeast: She's gone

o0jahrah0o: this is death... or a girl?

nocturnal_bloodfeast: a girl
nocturnal_bloodfeast: I am Death.... at least, that is what I am called

o0jahrah0o: gone for good... or gone for now?

nocturnal_bloodfeast: Unknown

o0jahrah0o: talkin' to me is like talkin' to a brick wall sometimes

nocturnal_bloodfeast: a nicer kind of wall, though.
nocturnal_bloodfeast: You have, like, frilly stuff cuz you're a girl

o0jahrah0o: frilly??
o0jahrah0o: no...

nocturnal_bloodfeast: frilly
nocturnal_bloodfeast: If you'd fix yer damn profile, I could remember what you look like, then maybe I would say something else.

o0jahrah0o: i'm about as frilly as... as...
o0jahrah0o: I'm not frilly dammit

nocturnal_bloodfeast: prove it.

o0jahrah0o: I can't...
o0jahrah0o: but believe me.. i'm not frilly

nocturnal_bloodfeast: you have pictures somewhere on this internet?

o0jahrah0o: hmm...
o0jahrah0o: old ones...
o0jahrah0o: like .. almost 3 years old

nocturnal_bloodfeast: very well. Where are they? I shall use photoshop 7.0 to age progress them

o0jahrah0o: um... no
o0jahrah0o: s'all right
o0jahrah0o: other than my hair... and maybe the fact that i have my glasses on... i'm basically the same

nocturnal_bloodfeast: no, I insist. I shant take no for an answer
nocturnal_bloodfeast: where are they?

o0jahrah0o: not tellin now
o0jahrah0o: spose to be postin' remember

nocturnal_bloodfeast: oh, come now. I promise notto open photoshoppe

o0jahrah0o: lol
o0jahrah0o: they're lost... in... spaaaaaace!

nocturnal_bloodfeast: I'll bet.... cyberspace!
nocturnal_bloodfeast: LMAO!!!!

o0jahrah0o: ;)

nocturnal_bloodfeast: just kidding.
nocturnal_bloodfeast: where are they.

o0jahrah0o: gotta find them...

nocturnal_bloodfeast: well, look damn you!

o0jahrah0o: why am i doing this again??

nocturnal_bloodfeast: because I have asked you to. And because you are frilly.

o0jahrah0o: (Angry Y!Smiley)
o0jahrah0o: not frilly

nocturnal_bloodfeast: you would prefer a different word, a military word? Then find the pictures!

o0jahrah0o: -laughs-
o0jahrah0o: so persistant

nocturnal_bloodfeast: I am Imperial.

o0jahrah0o: argh!
o0jahrah0o: where dd it go!
o0jahrah0o: imperial... i want to play my Star Wars Battleship now

nocturnal_bloodfeast: after your shores
nocturnal_bloodfeast: chores.
nocturnal_bloodfeast: Blast!

o0jahrah0o: found one... its not very good...
o0jahrah0o: i need to get some more recent ones damn..

nocturnal_bloodfeast: unimportant. You will bring the picture to me, now.

o0jahrah0o: perhaps not

nocturnal_bloodfeast: ~waves hand~
nocturnal_bloodfeast: that is the picture you are looking for
nocturnal_bloodfeast: you will send me the information

o0jahrah0o: you wish

nocturnal_bloodfeast: you from tattooine?

o0jahrah0o: perhaps....
o0jahrah0o: why?

nocturnal_bloodfeast: nothing.
nocturnal_bloodfeast: it's, it's nothing.

o0jahrah0o: -whistles as she waits for it to load-

nocturnal_bloodfeast: Either you bring the picture to me, or I will whine like an adolescent Anakin Skywalker.

o0jahrah0o: OH GOD NO!!!!!!!
o0jahrah0o: ANYTHING BUT THAT!

nocturnal_bloodfeast: I killed them...
nocturnal_bloodfeast: All of them.
nocturnal_bloodfeast: They're like animals... I hate them!

o0jahrah0o: so how shall i send this to stop your whining?

nocturnal_bloodfeast: you can use messanger, or give me the url

o0jahrah0o: ack! its gone!

nocturnal_bloodfeast: ...

o0jahrah0o: hold on.. let me search for it..
o0jahrah0o: argh...

nocturnal_bloodfeast: ... ~whine~

o0jahrah0o: ...this is a lot more trouble than one pic is worth

nocturnal_bloodfeast: ~takes deep breathe to Anakin at you~
nocturnal_bloodfeast: One day, I'm going to be the most powerful Jedi, ever!
nocturnal_bloodfeast: ...

o0jahrah0o: ...why can't i save this pic?
o0jahrah0o: why won't it show up?

nocturnal_bloodfeast: send me the address

o0jahrah0o: ah... i think i know where one is...

nocturnal_bloodfeast: arg

o0jahrah0o: bad day...

nocturnal_bloodfeast: you're tellin me. You know, if that picture of JahRah were a pictureof you, this would be over. At least I used real pictures for Satyr.

o0jahrah0o: lol
o0jahrah0o: i can't even get that one to load so chill
o0jahrah0o: YAY!
o0jahrah0o: there's one

nocturnal_bloodfeast: ~in sign language~ give me the address

o0jahrah0o: you'll be disappointed...
o0jahrah0o: -smiles-

nocturnal_bloodfeast: I will be? You should see me without a cloak.

o0jahrah0o: lol
o0jahrah0o: i'd like to...
o0jahrah0o: you could tint your skin blue if it'd make you feel better

nocturnal_bloodfeast: I'll show you mine if you show me yours
nocturnal_bloodfeast: oh, I'm bad!

o0jahrah0o: lol
o0jahrah0o: here...
o0jahrah0o: take it before i change my mind
o0jahrah0o: http://img.villagephotos.com/p/2003-9/411665/Lori02.jpg

nocturnal_bloodfeast: give it before I change mine.

o0jahrah0o: 鵜ぁt手ぃへcけ??〜!あlかdかsdl;kdf;lkj

nocturnal_bloodfeast: I remember, now!!!

o0jahrah0o: my font changed on my... why?
o0jahrah0o: damn thing

nocturnal_bloodfeast: hah
nocturnal_bloodfeast: it doesn;t like you
nocturnal_bloodfeast: '
nocturnal_bloodfeast: '

o0jahrah0o: i started typing in japanese

nocturnal_bloodfeast: '
nocturnal_bloodfeast: '
nocturnal_bloodfeast: get it straight, keyboard

o0jahrah0o: i just wish i knew japanese... then maybe i'd type in it on purpose

nocturnal_bloodfeast: I once studies Japanese....

o0jahrah0o: i tried German...

nocturnal_bloodfeast: oh, my god! I'm started to talk like Gollum!!

o0jahrah0o: cause i'm like 1/8 german
o0jahrah0o: lol
o0jahrah0o: okay... where's mine??

nocturnal_bloodfeast: I am 6/8 german
nocturnal_bloodfeast: and because of that, I put you into a camp, and you will never see me!

o0jahrah0o: lol

nocturnal_bloodfeast: das is good

o0jahrah0o: my grandfather is full blooded german... his parents came over during WWII
o0jahrah0o: ...makes me feel kind special to know i'm something other than a foolish blonde
o0jahrah0o: my god.. its almost 9

nocturnal_bloodfeast: My elatives did, too. My great uncle was a higher up in the Reich, and my grandfather brought his wife from Germany to get away from War. He change the last name and everything. Then, after joining the navy, he got stationed at pearl harbor. Go figure.

o0jahrah0o: their name changed from Smitz.. or something of the sort... to Smith...
o0jahrah0o: my mother has the three most common names in the US... Deborah.. Ann... and Smith
o0jahrah0o: that's so funny

nocturnal_bloodfeast: awful.
nocturnal_bloodfeast: My name was Meisner, changed to Mesmer

o0jahrah0o: I'm an oddball... you don't meet many Lori's

nocturnal_bloodfeast: I know a couple...

o0jahrah0o: though when you meet them... you meet them in groups

nocturnal_bloodfeast: no, I met a few in real life

o0jahrah0o: I know..
o0jahrah0o: I know... maybe 2 more

nocturnal_bloodfeast: try being a Mike

o0jahrah0o: lol
o0jahrah0o: you sound like you hate it so?
o0jahrah0o: I'm still trying to figure out where my last name came from... i know where my mom
o0jahrah0o: 's came from
o0jahrah0o: damn tiny mac keys

nocturnal_bloodfeast: what is it about you name?

o0jahrah0o: what do you mean?

nocturnal_bloodfeast: your last name. Why do you try to figure it out?

o0jahrah0o: Where does 'Jewell' come from???
o0jahrah0o: for one its odd... there's 2 l's
o0jahrah0o: and for two... i don't know where it comes from...

nocturnal_bloodfeast: Lori Jewell?

o0jahrah0o: -nods-
o0jahrah0o: is that such a shock?

nocturnal_bloodfeast: No... very interesting.

o0jahrah0o: lol

nocturnal_bloodfeast: it is no shock.
nocturnal_bloodfeast: umm... look at my profile

o0jahrah0o: look?

nocturnal_bloodfeast: yes. look

o0jahrah0o: i'm afraid...
o0jahrah0o: ...very afraid.
o0jahrah0o: ...its not gonna try to eat me is it?

nocturnal_bloodfeast: no....

o0jahrah0o: that's good...
o0jahrah0o: i don't need to miss class tomorrow
o0jahrah0o: already missed it yesterday

nocturnal_bloodfeast: you won't
nocturnal_bloodfeast: but you must post, as well. Multi task!

o0jahrah0o: i'm already doing that...

nocturnal_bloodfeast: excellent

o0jahrah0o: i keep getting messages from everywhere
o0jahrah0o: AH! gotta call my mom

nocturnal_bloodfeast: multi task...

o0jahrah0o: brb
o0jahrah0o: i had to call my mom cause i need her to come up to school so i can finish my phlebotomy assignment

nocturnal_bloodfeast: what is that?

o0jahrah0o: drawing blood from people

nocturnal_bloodfeast: I see... I always called vampirism

o0jahrah0o: so does my boss...
o0jahrah0o: I'm a Clinical Lab Major...
o0jahrah0o: So I have to draw blood as a 400 point assignment

nocturnal_bloodfeast: I see. I shall call you Vampira

o0jahrah0o: lol

nocturnal_bloodfeast: what?

o0jahrah0o: nothing

nocturnal_bloodfeast: hm.

nocturnal_bloodfeast: I grow weary.... have you ever been in a breakup?

o0jahrah0o: yes

nocturnal_bloodfeast: it is very tiring...

o0jahrah0o: yes... very

nocturnal_bloodfeast: that's right... are you, or were you not ina relationship recently?

o0jahrah0o: what happened anyways? you not pay her as much attention as she thought she needed?
o0jahrah0o: i am

nocturnal_bloodfeast: I thought you were.
nocturnal_bloodfeast: I do not know wat happened. that may be the reason. Maybe because she had to ask me to do laundry when I forgot... not sure.

o0jahrah0o: laundry?
o0jahrah0o: if she leaves you over laundry... tha's bad

nocturnal_bloodfeast: well, you know... it's a generalization. I get home from work, I am very tired. Maybe I forget something. Not all the time... I think she does not yet know what she really wants

o0jahrah0o: ah...
o0jahrah0o: that's prolly the reason
o0jahrah0o: just take it all in stride

nocturnal_bloodfeast: I dunno

o0jahrah0o: kharma swings back upward again

nocturnal_bloodfeast: I know.
nocturnal_bloodfeast: Not always can I bend existence to my will.

o0jahrah0o: no matter how hard you try, existance always seems to bend you anyway

nocturnal_bloodfeast: to an extent

o0jahrah0o: ...some... yes...

nocturnal_bloodfeast: tired...

o0jahrah0o: -gives you a pillow-

nocturnal_bloodfeast: ah. thank you.

o0jahrah0o: -..and a blanket and her teddy bear-
o0jahrah0o: I was wondering... did you jsut get tired of me complaining and decide to write something ...?

nocturnal_bloodfeast: no... you keep your teddy bear.
nocturnal_bloodfeast: just wouldn't be propper

o0jahrah0o: -huggles her bear- I give it to those in
need... i've only given it away once ... i'll give him away again... :)

nocturnal_bloodfeast: No... keep it.

o0jahrah0o: okie dokie..

nocturnal_bloodfeast: I need embrace only one thing... and it is mine, already.

o0jahrah0o: ... your mind?
o0jahrah0o: ... your spirit?

nocturnal_bloodfeast: okay. my mind
nocturnal_bloodfeast: nd spirit

o0jahrah0o: ... your creative talents?
o0jahrah0o: ... life in general?

nocturnal_bloodfeast: ye
nocturnal_bloodfeast: okay.... yer gettin hippie on me

o0jahrah0o: -laughs-
o0jahrah0o: not hippie... i'm just open minded...
o0jahrah0o: spiritual sometimes...
o0jahrah0o: but not hippie

nocturnal_bloodfeast: ain't that hippie?
nocturnal_bloodfeast: open minded, spiritual with your long hair and no shirt

o0jahrah0o: i see it differently
o0jahrah0o: no shirt...? don't you just wish...

nocturnal_bloodfeast: I'm sorry... I must have found the wrong picture.

o0jahrah0o: long hair... ack.. I look like a fuzz ball with long hair
o0jahrah0o: i thought so

nocturnal_bloodfeast: yes. yes you did.
nocturnal_bloodfeast: I knew you hesitated for a reason!

o0jahrah0o: when?

nocturnal_bloodfeast: the picture

o0jahrah0o: nevermind....
o0jahrah0o: as you said... the past is the past

nocturnal_bloodfeast: oh, no. YOU nevermind

o0jahrah0o: you know... i think i had a good idea...
o0jahrah0o: for once..

nocturnal_bloodfeast: huh?

o0jahrah0o: i kinda just made up that jedi log thingie-mabob so that i could have something to write about ... and it might actually go with the story... lol
o0jahrah0o: i'm so funny
o0jahrah0o: hasn't Rah yelled at Satyr before?
o0jahrah0o: i got to thinkin' bout that after i re-read it yesterday...

nocturnal_bloodfeast: Not to my knowledge

o0jahrah0o: hmm... maybe it was somebody else...
o0jahrah0o: i know she

nocturnal_bloodfeast: She's usually too reserved.

o0jahrah0o: she's only really shown anger a couple of times
o0jahrah0o: she's always been sort of depressed to me... lol

nocturnal_bloodfeast: What the devil happened to Ajax, anyway? What are we to do about him?

o0jahrah0o: oh... i got permission to play him...
o0jahrah0o: so he's mine...
o0jahrah0o: (devil)

nocturnal_bloodfeast: I know... but what are your intentions?

o0jahrah0o: dunno yet... i thought about leasing him to you

nocturnal_bloodfeast: I'd probably just kill him, or something.

o0jahrah0o: Rah'd never speak to you again

nocturnal_bloodfeast: I know. That's why Palpatine would kill him. Who cares if she never speaks to Sidius?

o0jahrah0o: lol

nocturnal_bloodfeast: serious

o0jahrah0o: she'd be so traumatized that she'd go home and shut herself in

nocturnal_bloodfeast: sissy

o0jahrah0o: ...dying a poor and pitful soul

nocturnal_bloodfeast: you can;t make an omlette without breaking some eggs

o0jahrah0o: i hesitate to kill himm because i don't want Ajax to suddenly come back and find his character dead...
o0jahrah0o: ...and this is possible...

nocturnal_bloodfeast: he abandoned us.

o0jahrah0o: ...maybe... sight chance...
o0jahrah0o: lol
o0jahrah0o: as did most everyone else

nocturnal_bloodfeast: and they should all die

o0jahrah0o: BUT I WON'T GIVE UP!!

nocturnal_bloodfeast: i can make it possible

o0jahrah0o: most all of the jedi die anyways...
o0jahrah0o: that's inevitable
o0jahrah0o: brb

nocturnal_bloodfeast: exactly.

o0jahrah0o: oh my god... my mom got my dad to volunteer for my assignment...
o0jahrah0o: this whole semester he's sworn he'd never do it

nocturnal_bloodfeast: the fool!

o0jahrah0o: lol
o0jahrah0o: I need 7 more...

nocturnal_bloodfeast: Does he not realize the danger he is in?

o0jahrah0o: apparently not
o0jahrah0o: they waited to the end of the semester when i haven't had much practice
o0jahrah0o: if they had come earlier... perhaps they would be in less danger

nocturnal_bloodfeast: why, why, you could collapse a vein!
nocturnal_bloodfeast: That bruises!

o0jahrah0o: collapse? nah
o0jahrah0o: bruises... yes

nocturnal_bloodfeast: It happens. It happened to me. Happened to my friend Austin, too.

o0jahrah0o: collpsed vein? or bruises?

nocturnal_bloodfeast: collapse. We both donated blood, and the finalthropist or whatever was blind or something. The doctor said we'd be okay, but it still sucked.

o0jahrah0o: phlebotomist

nocturnal_bloodfeast: that's what I said

o0jahrah0o: ...where was it? in your arm?

nocturnal_bloodfeast: yeah
nocturnal_bloodfeast: forearm

o0jahrah0o: in the bend..
o0jahrah0o: where the veins are?

nocturnal_bloodfeast: no, more in the middle

o0jahrah0o: owie...

nocturnal_bloodfeast: but, yes. where the veins are
nocturnal_bloodfeast: i just bid on a PS2 for 60 dollars, and the auction closes in two hours!

o0jahrah0o: i had a huge IV in my arm when i had surger
o0jahrah0o: surgery
o0jahrah0o: cool
o0jahrah0o: hope you win

nocturnal_bloodfeast: wy surgery?

o0jahrah0o: gallstones..
o0jahrah0o: they don't play nicely

nocturnal_bloodfeast: ohhh. I remember tat, too!

o0jahrah0o: lol

nocturnal_bloodfeast: It's all coming back.

o0jahrah0o: this huge 2 inch long needle in the middle of my arm...

nocturnal_bloodfeast: uhhh.....
nocturnal_bloodfeast: hm.

o0jahrah0o: i had the biggest bruise i've ever seen for like 3 weeks

nocturnal_bloodfeast: id it turn green, cuz mine turned green

o0jahrah0o: maybe it was more liek 3 inches
o0jahrah0o: perhaps that was what happened to me then.. mine was kinda green...
o0jahrah0o: and immensely painful

nocturnal_bloodfeast: it sucked.

o0jahrah0o: I wanted to slap the woman who did it... the damn thing hurt
o0jahrah0o: then they gave the the meds to calm me down.. and it was smooth sailin

nocturnal_bloodfeast: lady, I think I will go spend time with my grandpa.... and sleep. Remember, though! Post! and enjoy your christmassy time off

o0jahrah0o: not christmassy... thanksgivingy
o0jahrah0o: christmassy it 2 1/2 weeks later
o0jahrah0o: perhaps i shall post tomorrow and just go to bed tonight?

nocturnal_bloodfeast: it was very nice talking to you, again... been a long time. a I dont care what holliday, just enjoy it! Have fun!
nocturnal_bloodfeast: No! You must post....

o0jahrah0o: lol... night...

nocturnal_bloodfeast: Whenever. I'm done for the night

o0jahrah0o: and perhaps you should message me more often?

nocturnal_bloodfeast: When the thought comes to me to load this software, yes. I shall.
nocturnal_bloodfeast: goodnite

o0jahrah0o: good... night

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