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  • Fri, 17:27: RT @petermolydeux: Imagine a game where 3 pauses and it's game over. The game plays door bells, ringtones etc trying to make you acciden ...
  • Fri, 22:44: RT @Gaosalad: As always, my cat has to walk around with his claws extended just in case Earth looses gravitational pull.
  • Fri, 22:46: I feel like I'm doing something dangerous if only because the guy I'm going out with Wednesday hasn't quite finished his divorce. <_<
  • Fri, 23:07: Listening to podcasts about #Gears3 . ^_^ So psyched, OMG! Y U NO OUT YET?!?!
  • Sat, 02:37: I date bowls in the fridge and toss them in the trash when they reach a week old. #bitchlikethat
  • Sat, 02:46: Schedule: Sept 7 Date; Sept 14 MtG DLC; Sept 19 Midnite release #Gears3; Oct 1 Class Reunion; Oct 31 Halloween; 2nd week of Nov StL w/ boys!
  • Sat, 02:49: “@ZVCH92: If my girlfriend wants to talk or spend time with me when #Gears3 comes out she needs to #GetAnXbox” Goes both ways, bud.
  • Sat, 03:31: Very excited about Wednesday. Wondering if I should take an overnight bag?! Oh, lord, so excited!
  • Sat, 07:28: Now playing Gears of War 2. http://t.co/jgEk6hi
  • Sat, 08:25: RT @notch: Got recognized by a pile of fans while shopping for food! I'm batman.
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