llewej irol (icarianbird) wrote,
llewej irol

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  • Thu, 06:06: Five more days!! #Gears3
  • Thu, 06:16: Now playing Gears of War 2. http://t.co/PNRyThLW
  • Thu, 06:51: Apparently playing with random people makes me start to panic. What's wrong with me???
  • Thu, 07:05: My nerves are starting to get to me. My heart flutters any time I get close to simple conflict. I don't want to be like Thing One. :(
  • Thu, 07:06: I think I'm going to go see my mom tonight. Maybe she can help me.
  • Thu, 08:25: I also think I'm going to start playing Submissin in Gears to level. I finally captured a meatflag too!!
  • Thu, 08:28: This makes me want it even more. Just a few... more... points... http://t.co/2kVx9fTH
  • Thu, 08:33: I feel so jittery right now. I'm not sure why.
  • Thu, 09:45: RT @camphalfblood: New boutique gym idea: Body by Darth. 'I find your lack of core strength disturbing.' 'Your abs have grown weak, old ...
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