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I've been up all night. Probably because I was sleeping all day. :( I need to get up in oh... and hour and a half. My knees have been aching though so I haven't been very sleepy because of that. Plus... For the past few minutes I've been reflecting on the few months I talked to Kris. I miss hearing his voice. I hate to admit it... but I do. I feel so odd when I try to just call him up. Plus my phone never seems to work when I want to call him. Maybe that's a sign? Dunno, but I don't like it. He was mean to me last time I tried to talk to him on the net. Dunno why. Didn't ask. Just closed the window in a huff. I haven't even said hi since. Figured I'd let him say hi and then be mean. He's prolly already forgotten what he did. Typical male thing... -sigh- I guess I'm gonna go take a nap. Might as well since its only an hours sleep. Doubt it'll be very restful though. I got my mind all stirred up about him.

...I might try to call him tomorrow night... maybe... just dunno yet...

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