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Wide Awake ... Again

I'm wide awake. But this time I think its half excitement-half chocolate/carmel cups. I ate a bunch of them as I was studying to ensure that I wouldn't get too sleepy to finish my review. I guess it worked. I posted in both ravenblackdream and dragonclawlake.


Dunno why... I just can't. My birthday just really means a lot to me. Hey... I share the same birthday as Walt Disney. Think 'bout that. ;)

[4:17 a.m. CST]
Bored. Awake. Talkin' to Boone. Need to study. NEEEEEED to study. Really should go to bed. Might do that here in a lil while. Could just stay up and study CLS for the next 2 hours. Doubt I'd do that though. I've been working on FenixFire for the past 45 minutes or so. Damn I let that place go. Its a shame. I left like 4 of the same messages to see if anyone's paying attention. 1 of them was by accident. Hit the wrong link. Should've hit 'send announcement to all members' instead of 'send message to all members'. That one was purely me not thinking. I need to work on swpotj and add some posts to jewellrp but I really just don't feel like it. I did post some dialoge for Mike. I hope he decides to post soon instead of making me wait like I did him. Didn't mean to. I just, truthfully, couldn't think of anything else to post. All i had was action and emotion. Couldn't think of any dialogue if i wanted to... and I really wanted to. Well... I guess I'm gonna either try to amuse myself for a lil while longer or actually go to bed. Haven't decided which yet. My door's unlocked so I really should be getting back to my room asap. Shouldn't have stayed on this long. I actually just got on to check my mail, but everyone knows how that goes. I get on for 5 minutes and stay on for 5 hours. -shrugs- Whatever...

BTW... switched out my old Yoda icon with a better one. This one just looks better.

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