llewej irol (icarianbird) wrote,
llewej irol

Мои твиты

  • Пн, 20:01: RT @GearsViking: Skyrim rule #368 - When Lydia says "I have a bad feeling about this" it's time to save your game.
  • Пн, 20:13: I'm sad that @notch & @YOGSCAST can't get along. Conflicting personalities, I suppose. What's funny to 1 person isn't always funny to others
  • Пн, 20:43: Rebooting my old Foursquare. (@ Lori's House) http://t.co/NHCFH4R6
  • Пн, 21:47: I love that Cleveland's angel/devil are Hall & Oates. #TheClevelandShow
  • Пн, 22:21: Now playing Gears of War 3. http://t.co/PNRyThLW
  • Вт, 05:58: I just hit my head on the figurine case beside my bed. Owowowow.
  • Вт, 07:12: Finally booted up my old external hard drive and found my mother's resume. She will be pleased.
  • Вт, 07:16: Said HD also included: Powerpuff Girls Z; Sailor Moon; Are You Being Served?; Dinosaurs. Also Hellblazer; LXG; V for Vendetta digital comics
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