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  • Tue, 14:20: Nothing like begging your brother to pick up some Phenegren from your house on his way home from work. Ugh. So sick.
  • Wed, 05:37: RT @Alancumming: Wow North Carolina, wow. What a sad day when you tell the world you are active and blatant persecutors of civil rights, ...
  • Wed, 05:39: RT @ScottNevins: North Carolina doesn't look much different today then it did back then does it? http://t.co/LMFJndLF
  • Wed, 05:40: RT @YTevan1994: Dear North Carolina, the fucks wrong with you?
  • Wed, 05:46: RT @andrewzimmern: BREAKING: North Carolina proves that ignorance and hatefulness can be legislated. Sad. http://t.co/ez3P8PVO
  • Wed, 05:50: I just don't understand why reasonable people can't understand the logic of a situation. #NoH8
  • Wed, 08:00: Held down most of a glass of water and a Capri Sun. Not ready to try food yet, but that's good.
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