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  • Sun, 19:19: RT @ERBofHistory: Excited to announce that this will now be the official Epic Rap Battles of History Twitter account. And yes, more awes ...
  • Sun, 23:52: Does anyone want a puppy? This cute little brat is hanging around the hospital tonight. We need to find him a home. http://t.co/y0R8wJ8S
  • Mon, 07:25: RT @stagedoort: No rehearsals tonight due to the Queen's Jubilee. Hope everyone enjoys the long weekend, and you all remember the 2nd ve ...
  • Mon, 07:27: There's something odd about being a pretty hardcore gamer that doesn't care for E3. I don't know why I don't care. I'm strange, I know.
  • Mon, 07:28: I don't like that I'm home and @Gaosalad isn't online talking to me. That's my Monday morning routine.
  • Mon, 08:14: RT @TheAnarchangel: If the Zombie Apocolypse doesn't start out like the dance portion of the Thriller video I'm going to be very disappo ...
  • Mon, 09:12: “Mr. Trololo,” Eduard Khil, Has Died http://t.co/IAScXyxC // I think @mariomarathon needs to be made aware of this. :(
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