llewej irol (icarianbird) wrote,
llewej irol

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  • Sun, 17:14: RT @zachbraff: Gonna vote now Missouri??? This makes me sick. @dailykos Todd Akin: Legitimate rape victims don't get pregnant http://t.c ...
  • Sun, 17:16: RT @thinkprogress: Everyone in America should know that an actual candidate for US Senate said this about women who are raped. Please RT ...
  • Sun, 19:28: RT @RayMuzyka: Perpetuating scientific ignorance, misinformation and outright lies is not "education". This is really unfortunate: http: ...
  • Sun, 21:18: Nothing annoys me more than BFFs who join games to write slash-fic that goes entirely against canon.
  • Mon, 09:09: RT @TimGunn: I love this chart. http://t.co/d4hMaJu8
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