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Not Too Good Of A Day...

I'm not enjoying my day today. I've had several negative things happen and its made me not too happy. People have just been giving off such bad vibes toward me just about all morning. First the lady at the Post Office and then one of my Professors when I tried to talk to him about my Micro/U&BF class conflicts. Why? Its making today seem really bad and I still have at least one more class to go to. Not sure about the Micro Lab, but I figure they'll have it today. Bio labs usually start the fist week of semsester while Chem/Physics labs don't. My A&P lab doesn't start until next week, but I have Monday off so I really don't have lab until the week after that.

-sigh- I still have to get my books. Thankfully, I had some money come my way due to the fact that I worked for 50-somethin' hours at the end of the semester. I've got my $180 check (it was much more but some Tuition charges were taken out) and now I can buy my books. Well... Some of them anyway. My mother should be getting my new glasses soon. I hope so. I'm actually rather excited to be getting them. I like my new frames and I think they're going to look good on me. All the more reason to wear them more often and save money on contacts.

Hopefully everthing will start to work out. If all else fails, I'm gonna get permission to drop U&BF (oh... Urine & Body Fluids Analysis) so that I can take the lecture and the lab at the same time. I feel really lost in there because I didn't have the notes yet. Plus He keeps talkin' about the lab and I'm not in the lab. Even though Dr. Williams tells me that Bio and U&BF don't conflict... Which I believe is NOT TRUE because my Bio class is TR and my Lab is on Tuesday. U&BF is TR with a TR lab. -growls- He's just gonna have to look over it again. For once I am actually right. And I'm very sure of it.

Well... I thought about skipping lunch, but I've decided that I'd rather not listen to my stomach growl all through Micro. -smiles-


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