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  • Fri, 21:03: Found out today that Sysmex monitors social websites for mentions! Bravo! Love them and their customer service!
  • Fri, 23:21: RT @alexanderludwig: The kid in #looper just blew my mind. Unreal actor. Watch the movie, so refreshing to see something original
  • Fri, 23:22: RT @ThatKevinSmith: LOS ANGELES! An unholy CARMAGEDDON is upon us! The 405 will be shut down between the 10 & the 101 THIS WEEKEND! ...
  • Fri, 23:24: RT @wilw: Anne's new iPhone case is what's best in life. http://t.co/pRE878or
  • Sat, 07:16: RT @TheYoungTurks: Keep Calm and Watch TYT http://t.co/ildsg4bW
  • Sat, 07:18: Feeling the tingle of creativity in my brain again. Going to try putting pencil to paper this week. If it works out then all will be well.
  • Sat, 09:13: RT @pattonoswalt: Why the FUCK would I torrent a show I like? I want to give it ratings. So they'll make MORE. Jesus. Fuck torrents ...
  • Sat, 10:19: RT @DuvalMagic: X360: WB5T3-JS3W6-JRXTX-KR333-FTXBZ WinPC: CT5TB-H3ZX9-6TTBJ-JT33J-TFJRK PS3: WB5T3-JS3Z3-RSTWT-SJ533-FTXBT
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